Tuesday, March 30, 2010

news you already know.

Pensational asks for a Blingee, and he receives.

I had to sign up for a "Blingee Plus" account.
Sort of unsettling.

Ya'll know what's up.
Tanger, 4 more years, $3.5 million cap hit.
Unicorns and so on.

Some people think this is the best news in the world of the Penguins for the past ten thousand years, save that whole winning the cup business.
Others are like "srsly wtf, why."
Some think that Gonch is curtains.
Blahblahblah, we hate "some people" and don't care what they say.
Here's what we think.

We like Tanger.
He's spirited, a great player, and has the magical blood of a mythological creature.
Also, he provides us with photos like this:

However, there are times where we want to kind of ring him 'round the ears, as our grandmothers would say, because he's overemotional, and when he gets down, it takes him an awful lot to buck back up. Almost never happens in the same game, in fact. One mistake gets him in this weird mood, and he's bound to make more.
We'll keep him.
However, not in the face of losing Gonch.
Tang isn't worth 3.5 a year (unless he starts trending upwards, which we're yet to see enough evidence of), but the reality is that Gonch is getting old. He might take a short-term deal at a discount and we might get both.

Those of you who think the extension has him locked down, don't get too comfortable. Tanger has been our idea of tradebait for some time, and he still is. Remember the extension Whits got? He was still splitscity the moment we decided we needed to make some better moves.
So who knows?
In sHero we trust, obviously.
Either way, right now, we're mildly-pleased-to-indifferent about this move.
Sorry to the Lemangs and Tang fangirls.

Tomorrow we be playin' this man.
Brother Steven has 45 goals.
We mean, like, real goals.
As is, right behind Cappy and Ovie.
No, we mean it.
Yeah, we know, right?
What the fuck.

Despite Brother Steven apparently deciding that he wants to play hockey for a living, this game should be pretty easy for us to throw into the efforts of leading the division.
Who wants Jersey to win, like, anything?
We refuse.
And so will the Pens.

Forgive any shortness in the coming days.
I am Queen Mono of the Diseased Kingdom of Philly.
Take pity. And do tribal dances for my wellness.

More importantly, dance for the Pens.
Are you dancing?



CrackerLilo said...

Like you, I'm...okay...with Letang coming back, and you already went over my reasons why, too. I'd love to see Gonchar come back, and am not really expecting it. I hope Letang justifies his contract, that's all. I know he has flashes of brilliance, but I'd like to see a few more of them, please.

Sorry you're sick, Kim. I hope you get feeling better. A few months ago, my belly dance instructor had us perform, and I chose the Revels' "Comanche" for my solo. (I will never forget my best friend telling me "You need to slut it up" and my instructor nodding agreement!) The Penguins seemed to do well when I practiced to it, and won against the Flyers when I had to miss that game in order to perform. So I've decided it's a good pump-up song for the Pens. See if it works for you. :-)

Let's go Pens! And let's go, Sid--show Stamkos who's boss!

Hand of Godard said...

My thoughts on Tanger:

I think that by the end of this contract, we'll be talking about how great it was that we locked him in at this rate. The dude can skate like few other defensemen, has a huge shot (it would be nice to see it on net every one in a while, though), he can hit, and his defense continues to improve. I forget where I saw or read this, but I believe Bylsma was asked who his shutdown defensive pair is and he responded that Orpik and Letang are. I'd say we got something good going on when one of our shutdown d-men has the offensive upside that Letang has the potential to provide.

Get better.

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

LeTang and Orps are the perfect example of Sweet & Savory.

It doesn't get any better.

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