Monday, March 29, 2010

Andrew Murray Monday

In two straight Columbus Blue Jacket dismantlings of the Chicago Blackhawks, one of our favorite Blue Jackets, Andrew Murray, has scored.
While the Blue Jackets are no longer undefeated when he scores (his 4 goals this season have all come in March; his win percentage is 50%, 62.5% if you count a point gained in OT) we like to consider this a little homage to his (and the Jackets') magical run last season.

Why do we love Andrew Murray?
Why did we spend $50 apiece on game-used Andrew Murray sticks in Columbus once upon a time (after specifically having them call down to the warehouse to fetch them)?
The answer to this question probably belies the unique way in which we feel about hockey.
First of all, he looks a little cross-eyed and joyous.

And this video of him changed our lives beyond belief last season:

His voice is like honey entering our souls or something. He's basically the most pure and beautiful person we can think of.

Is it just us or was he staring into space imagining puppies before the guy asked his first question?

Here's his amazing goal against Vancouver earlier this month.

Also just watch this because Dorsett fights and Jakub Voracek scores on a penalty shot and Murray scores later and it's perfect. And plenty of cannon.

The Hawks are still okay but Hossa's a dick.

Thank you for tuning in for Andrew Murray Monday.
We're sorry, we just had to celebrate a little something.
We'll think of something else for tomorrow as we prepare for the Pens/Lightning game and the continuation of our epic ass-kicking homestand.

Go Pens.


ANovak017 said...

I thoroughly enjoy this post because the continuing losing and Chicago-ass kicking from the Jackets has given me mixed feelings. This post alone made me fall in love again..if, for the sole reason that Andrew Murray wears 17 and that's my number.

Katie said...

i'm sure you've heard that tanger's hair is sticking around for four more years. but just in case you haven't:

which probably means gonch is a goner. =/

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Ok Murray is totally like honey, but that GIANT INSECT next to him is going to give me nightmares.

There is something about seeing hockey players with little kids. Cappy is a whole different guy around little kids and Godsy will even wear a tiara if asked.

What's not to love?

MouthGuard said...

Speaking of the 'Hawks, Hossa and jinxxxxxes... This is fucking HILARIOUS! My vote goes to ManBearPig. No contest. He's ManBearPig's doppelganger. I daresay this is just what the doctor ordered for whenever anybody thinks the Pens have problems. ;) Problems? Seriously? No, no, no - when some dork puts up a giant billboard of Chachi or Geno that looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE EITHER OF THEM - in fact, when it makes them look FREAKISH AND UNFLATTERING! - that's when you know your team's got some problems with its own city. He looks like he's had the worst plastic surgery ever. Even worse (better!) than the mural itself is the fact that Burish & Sharp are absolutely not letting him forget how embarrassing this is for a nanosec.

How about a mural of Godard wearing a tiara? ;) Just make it look like him. That's all I ask! :)

Pensational said...

Kim and Zoe, how about a Kris Letang blingee extravaganza in honour of Le Unicorn being wrapped up with a big red ribbon for the next four years?? I need some more sparkle in my life!

MyDearestObsession said...

@Pensational: I second the motion. All in favor?

Words do not convey how excited I am that he's staying. He fits in so well here. Well done, Mr. Shero, well done.

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