Friday, February 26, 2010

you know itttt

Peace, Finland. We liked you but you were inconveniently in the way of our gold medal.

Kiprusoff had a meltdown in the first, and Finland came strong for the rest of the game.
But we put the hammer down.
Bronze medal game tomorrow, gold medal game on Sunday.
In about two hours we see if it's the Canadians or the Slovaks next in line for a dick-whip.

Congratulations to everyone in the tournament who has thus far been eliminated--because making it to Olympic ice is still a big deal, regardless of who you are.
For most of the men on the US team, this is the biggest stage of their international careers.
You probably looked at the US roster and were like, "Tim Gleason? Seriously? And Ryan Miller isn't that good. . .we're fucked."
But the team came together and we believe, like good little girls, that it is because of heart and determination and belief that we have this chance.
We believe that they will give it their best.

We'll update later and cover the bronze medal game tomorrow.



CrackerLilo said...

Once again one of my work's TVs was on this game as a treat for us cube-dwellers. To quote one of my friends before the first period ended, "All the suspense just got sucked out of this game." We were going, "USA! USA!" before the third period!

Poor Kiprusoff! He can try for the bronze, anyway.

utterfrivolity said...

I thought the US was fucked until they unveiled the roster (though to be fair, Tim Gleason wasn't on that list). Not to say that I thought they were going to dominate, but I didn't have much hope at all for the team I expected to be selected. When I saw the roster, I was like, huh...this could actually work.

I think Brian Burke really put together the perfect underdog team: tons of young talent, the energy to just outwork objectively better teams, and some great character guys to keep the team on an even keel. Didn't mean they were going to win anything, but at least they'd have a chance. And damned if they're not doing us proud.

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Saddle-up bitches. Sunday is going to be a wild ride.


CanadianGold said...

I agree completely. There is absolutely going to be a dick-whipping.

Unfortunately it's gonna be a big red and white one pounding a maple leaf firmly up the ass of the hapless team usa.

Johnny said...

Ryan Miller is in fact that good. He's been doing it all year. Will win the vezina this season. Amazing job by the team reppin the greatest country on earth! USA! USA! USA!!!! WE WANT CANADA WE WANT CANADA!!!!

todd said...
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