Saturday, February 20, 2010

upsets and legends

Things are starting to get interesting.
The "giants" of the tournament look a lot less giant now.
Teemu Selanne is a golden god.
Not to mention a fountain of sex.
Currently holds the record for most career Olympic points. Beast.

Sweden still thinks they know what they're doing with a 4-2 win over Belarus yesterday. Puke.
But hey, the US is doing pretty well!
Not that we've faced the "giants" yet.
Not that we've had to play against Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin.

Today for men's hockey isn't too huge. A lot of the little guys are fighting.
Keep an eye on Slovakia-Latvia though.
Slovakia could be gearing up for more stunners in the future (e.g. their win over Russia).

Tomorrow is a bigger day.
We will live to see it.

USA men's curling going on right now. . .women's later tonight.
They can't win shit but we love them anyway.
Down 6-5 to Sweden in the 8th.

Go boys go.


Bradford said...

So does that mean you would welcome Selane to the pens? You realize that is a real possibility right? We are looking at picking him or Ray Whitney up at the deadline. Who would the staff of this fine page rather have? I personally think Selane would be pure fire on Sid line. As usual we are looking to pick up a winger for Sid. Interested in all your lovely thoughts! BTW this just in OV will now play on Malkins line. They made it official today!

Bradford said...

O and USA USA USA beat those bitches from the great white north!

Megs said...

I'm calling it right now...

Finland is gonna kill a Sweden.

USA is gonna make Canada piss their pants.

And the Russia/Czech Republic game makes me nervous. I'm more nervous about that game than I am about USA vs. Canada. I'm not going to call it, but I do know that it will be close.

There will be blood tomorrow!

@Bradford - Did you see this list?

They really hit it. Apparently, there's a huge campaign on twitter for Jagr to return to the Pens. Seriously, the writer of the list made me smile with the idea of a Geno, Staal, Jagr line.

CrackerLilo said...

As a newbie Penguins fan, it was definitely nice to see Jagr play for myself--if he's past his prime, his prime must have been *something*. I like the idea of Selanne as a Penguin, too, though.

I'd have bet money on Canada if I were inclined to bet on the Olympics, but I think tomorrow's game is either team's, really. I'm still amazed at Slovakia's win over Russia, and that Canada had to go to a shootout against Switzerland.

Megs said...

@Lilo - His prime was something. I think guys wish they could have what Jagr has past his suppose prime lol.

Watch this and you'll understand why some of us still gush about him. This video is of his top 10 goals and if you notice, they all happened in a Penguins uniform.

Holly Jameson said...

I'd have something terribly witty and sharp to say about bitches from the great white north but Tylenol PM has affected my ability to do anything but drool with any real energy.

So you know what. Basics. Crosby and Co are gonna whip Team USA's ass. That's my call. But for the record, I do think it'll be a nail biter. Team USA is pretty good.

Still hate Ovechkin so go Czech Republic! Yay for self medicating!

kolzigrulz said...
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Bradford said...

@crackerlilo. You see how good Crosby and Ovechkin play now? Well if you wondered what JJ was like in his prime imagine Sid and OV then ADD about 40 more points. He was Amazing in his prime! Until Sid and OV play a few more years JJ is still better than both of them. At 18 JJ was just as good.

@megs. Great article! I am glad i am not the only one who got excited about that interview! It really did seem like JJ was trying to give Mario a hint that he wants to come back. He would instantly find success. Especially on Sids line. As much as crosby has scored this year his assists are down because of a lack of a high quality winger. This would solve that problem for sure. I keep watching JJ take wicked hits and he just keeps going! He is so tough and clearly is still in good shape. This Russia Czech game is Awesome! GINO is rocking the house and yet JJ is help bringing the czechs back. its 3-2 now with 5 minutes left in third. I kinda wanna see Gino get the trick just cause then maybe they would talk about Malkin instead of OV but i think it helps the USA team for russia to lose again. Gonch has been launching missiles too! Hoping he gets a goal. Just fabulous hockey! Love it!

Bradford said...

YEAH BABY YEAH! USA draws first blood!!!! Miller stones cappie! USA USA USA!!!! This is the only time ever i will root against my fav player. USA USA USA!!!!

Bradford said...

4-2 with 7 minutes left! USA USA USA!!!!!!

utterfrivolity said...

That was f'ing nuts. I have to restrain myself from saying terribly inappropriate things about Ryan Miller. I am fairly overcome with lust. My god. And since when does Brian Rafalski score goals?

This tournament is getting too intense. Cannot wait for Sweden/Finland.

CrackerLilo said...

USA! USA! USA! Oh, and goooo, Brooks!!!! It sure made up for Jimmie Fucking Johnson, who I hate with an undying hate, winning the Fontana race earlier this evening.

I don't think anyone likes Ovechkin better after that hit on Jagr, am I right?

@ utterfrivolity: I would consider those comments about Ryan Miller extremely appropriate. He was on fire tonight. Beloved has been saying to Rafalski, "Now do that for Detroit." (Don't think Rafalski can hear, but still.)

Megs said...

@Lilo - I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought that hit on Jagr was dirty and mean! Now I have one more reason to hate Ovechkin. On a positive note, Jagr did get right back up after that hit which was just awesome. Had it happen to any one else, they would've stayed down on the ice in a fetal position lol.

Bradford said...

@megs It just goes to show JJ is tough as nails. The commentators are sooooo annoying. That's all they talked about the rest of the night. Gimme a break. Malkin scores 2 goals and grabs a helper and all you talk about is that hit? Sure it was a nice hit. Did it bother JJ? Hell no! He bounced back up like he was on a springboard. If it was a real hit a darius kasperistus type hit then player doesn't get right back up. Now everyones giving OV head over one hit. Brooks does that almost every game. So what! It was a hit. So annoying. I hope JJ comes back to us and helps us end OVs season early again as payback!

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