Monday, November 30, 2009


It seems like we're simply not playing the Flyers enough. That would really get the good, healthy feelings of hockey rage flowing.
At any rate, Daniel Briere's long-suffering corpse is at it again.

Briere, interestingly, was also just suspended for a hit to the head. I think most Penguins fans agree that Matt Cooke's hit was dirty, and that he was basically suspended for being Matt Cooke as opposed to a marquee forward. However, Briere's corpse isn't really playing dirty when it isn't leaking embalming fluid and stuffing, and he's basically known for being whiny as opposed to dishing late hits. He was suspended like once, back in 2006, and no one even remembers what it was for.

I mean, YouTube "Briere hit" and you'll get this, the James Wisniewski incident, and then the time that Ovechkin himself went after The Corpse.

So, basically, the League's being stupid either way.
Gotta love that double standard.

Also, how exactly does one tweak their groin over fucking Thanksgiving?
Briere's not even American. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October.
We at PH call fracas.

Rangers tonight. MSG. Going to be a nasty one.
We're all over it.


Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

tonight's gonna be uggggly... can't wait.

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Well, we may be without a Cookie tonight but at least we'll have a big giant yummy Cupcake.

The Rags will end the night covered in frosting.


Julia said...

have to say i am slightly worried about tonights game...i don't want any more injuries for our boys....but nevertheless i know the will kick some booty...

avery = douche

Megs said...

I agree with Julia. Avery = Douche Bag supreme.

It's not that I'm worried about tonight's game, but I have a bad feeling about it. My suspicion is that the Rangers will try to get revenge in a more painful way than actually scoring points. I really hate sinking feelings like this. Hopefully I'm just being silly, and they won't try to hurt Crosby or Malkin or really anyone else.

Now looking on the bright side...


MarieMacCee said...

i managed to get my friends to play the Staal vs Staal game

I have to give you guys the big thumbs up-we're all tanked and I think I may have gotten them into hockey

you bitches are the best

is anyone else playing the SvS game?

ANovak017 said...

I was only worried about the boys getting embarrassed tonight? From what I heard in the first 2 periods, it wasn't too pretty, but I saw the third..and Mike Rupp..what a man.
If only you bitches still did "Why ____ is a Man"

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Did anybody (watching the FSP feed) catch the shot of Flower wacking Avery in the side of the head like two or three times!!!! It was beautiful! He was using the butt end of his stick to just knock Avery in the helmet. I don't know when it happend but I saw the replay of it near the beginning of the 2nd period. I hope somebody puts it on YouTube.

We need some special Blingees for Ruppers. He's a special man. He took a beating and came back scoring. That's a Pen!

C said...
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blumarine said...

@ Need Ice In Phoenix
there's actually a picture in the NHL recap of Avery getting hit by Fleury.

13th picture:

PS, i discovered this blog at beginning of my school year and skipped hmwk to read it from the start till now. i love it, you girls are amazing!

TP said...

Mike Rupp. What a man.

I think this could be his first Blingee appearance.

Megs said...

I was so happy about Mike Rupp's hat trick. During one of the intermissions he was interviewed about how his son, Mason, wanted a goal for his birthday. To say the least, I think the kid got one fucking rad birthday gift. Icing on the cake was that Mike is giving him the puck. Also, thank goodness Rupp is alright. I thought when he took that hit that he was going to be out for awhile.

@Marie - I think somebody on here played the game Saturday night. I don't drink, but every time they kept on mentioning the Staal family, I yelled out "Take a shot" and my mom was like "What on earth?" so I had to explain the game to her. Quite awesome.

@TP - Well done on the blingee as always.

Need Ice In Phoenix said...


You are the quick-draw of Blingees. Excellent!!

Final question for the night . . . did John Tortorella dress in the dark before tonight's game or did Avery pick out his shirt and tie for him? Yikes!

AmyB said...

I love how Fleury's looking up in the sky all innocent-like when he's hitting Avery with this stick! The Rupp blingee is gorgeous. Rupp is like, owning his own career numbers, and its only like, 28 games in? Sick. What a fucking MAN. Also, is anyone else bothered by Avery's black mouth guard? For someone who is so into fashion, you'd think he'd realize how creepy it looks.

NatRollsEm said...

@Need Ice -- and did you see how Danny P and Disco matched their pinstripe suits? I about died.

I also want to commend MAF for being amazing. How many Long Island women will be giving birth to point-lipped babies next August?

Also loving the Rupp Blingee - kudos, TP. Mason Rupp is one happy birthday boy!

stoopidful said...

Ran across these when looking for ideas for a friend to make for her little girl's secret santa gift and immediately thought of all of you here. Not quite as good as cupcakes, pancakes or pensicles, but thought you'd all appreciate!

crmzak said...

Dear Gutterslut & Hookerpants:

I haven't been able to read here consistently as of late, but for the record... I still love you, bitches. That goes for all of your sweet & innocent interns as well.

@TP - Cot dayum! You got some serious skillz. I'm forever in awe.

It's interesting how my 10 & 11yo kids are aware of the skating "style" of that Wandering Slew yet the league remains somewhat oblivious. Be it by choice, or whatever.

Kimberlass said...

@ crmzak and zoe - I call gutterslut.

CrackerLilo said...

At the part about Briere tweaking his groin, my mind slid straight to the gutter. (It's never very far.) I need brain bleach now.

@ TP: Awesome! You gave Rupp all the hats he deserved but didn't get! Love it!

@ AmyB: So I'm not the first to comment on that mouth guard being awful. I actually initially thought he didn't have teeth until I took a closer look! (I don't recommend that.) You know Fleury was giggling under his mask.

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