Wednesday, November 25, 2009


PH is currently in crisis mode.
Give us roughly 15 hours to sort everything out.
We love you, you are our favorites.
Sadly, our lives are in chaotic disorder right now.
Bare with us.
Everything will be okay in the morning.


Annie S said...

Oh geez, don't hurt yourselves. Hope you guys get everything straightened out okay, whatever it is. We love you too. <3<3<3

Aubrey said...

Chaotic disorder sucks lawn gnomes :(

I was going to share my sympathy cookies with Pascal Leclaire, but I don't think he can chew them now. You want them instead?

utterfrivolity said...

Bare with us.

Hot. *g*

Love you kids. Hope things settle down.

CrackerLilo said...

Hope it's nothing really major. I'd have loved one of your updates, but life happens. Understood, really.

This is how distracted I've been by work and family and holiday planning--I praised Mike Rupp for scoring goals while "doing his job as a defenseman" at Pensburgh. Which would be a real complement if he wasn't a forward.

Either tonight or Friday, my kid brother will be watching hockey for the first time. He has no sports fandom. He freaked out a little when he learned the true extent of my love for Tony Stewart. Can't wait to see what he thinks of hockey and my Pens fandom!

Hope things settle down for y'all soon, and not just because I want recaps.

Nat said...

Curry be with you.

AmyB said...

Hope everything is okay, bitches. Gotta handle your business and all that. <3

ANovak017 said...

@Nat seconded.

Megs said...

As a recent college survivor...I mean graduate, I know how crazy shit can get right around Thanksgiving. Not having a recap is quite okay. Meeting those awful deadlines, getting a little sleep (well maybe) and maintaining some sense of sanity are far more important. Granted, I'm just assuming that is what's up. Whatever it is that's going on, I hope it's nothing awful and that you all will pull through.

In the meantime, might as well share these goofy videos with everyone from the Baby Pens.

Know Your Penalties:

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Bitches!!! If this was your final post before going to jail I hope it was for something really good like stalking "Mario and Sid" while they were out by the pool (never too cold to sit by the pool if you're a hockey player.) And I hope you got pictures.

If it's not jail then I hope everything is ok and that this is just another case of life getting in the way of fun. Take care of business and we'll be here when you get back.

Shit happens!

Nat said...

Bitches! If this doesn't make you feel better, I don't know what will:

Megs said...

Also, this should make everyone happy... Kris Letang is no longer wearing Red!!!

Lime Tostitos for everyone!!!

AmyB said...

@ Megs : "college survivor" I am so using this from now on. Survival is a far more appropriate word than graduation.

Who's going to the game tonight?? JSt11 and I rushed and got pretty sweet seats. B12 row F, seats something or another.

Hand of Godard said...

If nothing else cheers you up I know this will.

Megs said...

@Amy B - Sure you can use it! I just thought of that from the top of my head. But it's so true! I went to a small school (Frostburg State University) for two years and then to University of Maryland (a very huge school)for four years. FSU wasn't too overwhelming because I was at home (the school is in my backyard), but UMD (which is like 2.5 hours away from home) was an ass kicking. I graduated this past May and I totally feel like I'm a survivor lol. Really though, anyone who has had to experience an all nighter or two in the same week is a survivor!

I wish I could go to the game tonight. I had even looked into getting tickets yesterday, but my mom was like "Are you crazy? We have all this stuff that needs to be done before Thursday." I don't have my own car (yet), hence why I can't just go. But believe me, when I get a car, I'll try to attend more games than not.

Speaking of attending games, I really think we all should pick a game that a lot of us can attend and make it Puck Huffers Night. I don't have many friends who are Pens fans (my friend Justin, who I forgot is a major pens fan, is in Japan for the next year) and while I will probably attend a game with my mom (she likes the Pens but it's weird watching hockey with your mom) or my friend Meredith (she played hockey in middle school but never followed the NHL), I would much rather go with some crazy Pens enthusiasts who won't judge me if I jokingly make a cat call at a player haha. Plus, you all (not just the writers who run this blog, but yes you the commenters too) seem like pretty awesome people.

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