Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are American, and just a happy regular day for those of you who aren't, from PH Staff et al. We send love your way.

We at PH are thankful for:
- our beautiful intern, Ann, without whom none of this would be possible, and we'd probably be dead in a ditch right now having our corpses ravaged by wild beasts

- hockey in and of itself, without which we may have killed ourselves a long time ago

- the subtler things in life, like Sidney Crosby receiving hard cross-ice passes with his fucking skates and fine cigars and Curry and all of that stuff

- each and every one of you for being so supportive of us, because really, we know we're jokes and we're letting you down. We tend to care more about this website than we do most things, so when those things try to supersede PH we are like "WHOA THERE BACK THE FUCK UP" but alas, they're very insistent sometimes. So really, we appreciate the fact that you even still come here, because we're whores, and all we do is rut about in sin.
But you sick fuckers like that shit, so, you know, come on in!

We want you to be happy. (So do the boys--if you've checked the Pens site, GoGo and Cupcake McKee are skating.)
We're really pumped, actually, for tomorrow's matinee.
Due to the timing you'll get a legit recap that wasn't written at 6 in the morning while falling asleep or weaseled out of the very accommodating intern.
If you can still believe us when we say it,
Go Pens.


Megs said...

Dear PH bitches,

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're having loads of turkey and good pie.

Please know that you all aren't jokes whatsoever. This is probably the best blog I read, let alone the best hockey blog. The writing is fresh, and the enteries have great ideas, good inside jokes, not to mention great humor and just loads of passion for the game. Also, the analysis is smart!

I think the best thing about PH is that it's nice to know that I'm not the only bitch around who loves hockey and those Pittsburgh Penguins. In my area, not many people like hockey and at school, while there were hockey fans, most of them were caps fans. I don't know many female fans. I think what's tough is the whole whole "puck bunny" thing. I'll be honest I can see why some friends of mine (they're caps fans might I add) have accused me of being such (ouch, right?). You see the last time I followed hockey like this was when I was a kid. I think I lost interest in hockey during middle and high school school, because I went through this weird anti-sports phase. (Not to mention I didn't have access to pens games on tv and the lockouts didn't help either) But I came back to hockey in May of 2008 because of some school friends who are from Pittsburgh were like "You must watch a game with us..." After watching the 2008 playoffs, I went home at the end of the semester, watched the 2008 finals and found my old Pens toboggan I wore as a kid (it doesn't fit) and just never looked back. At the time I knew the Pens had so much talent, but I didn't know that they were pretty handsome, too. It's just been in the last 8 months that I discovered their good looks. So it's not like I'm there for the hotness. To me that's just the icing on one hell of an awesome cake. So yeah, it's refreshing that this blog loves hockey and isn't afraid to say when someone's hot.

Anyhow, enough of my praise, I'm so excited for tomorrow's game. It's gonna be awesome! I know the guys left today for Long Island. Silly question doesn't Guerin's family still live out there? If so, perhaps they all did thanksgiving at his house! I can't imagine how awesome that must've been.

Oh speaking of rutting around in sin, somebody told me yesterday while shopping that I really should go to church and not skip it to watch the Pens game. She told me that they would lose if I do. Guess what? I didn't go to church (I'm still a faithful Lutheran) and the guys won. Awesome, right?

Go Pens!


One more thing in this comment...Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers and regulars! I <3 all you bitches and gones, too. You all are very awesome people and I couldn't ask for cooler folks to geek out on hockey with.

ANovak017 said...

Thank you for reminding me that I will be at work for 8 hours while the boys will be playing. I expect a stellar well as a stellar performance from the boys.
I'm thankful for the Penguins organization as a whole as well as this website. Last year would have been a bust if it weren't for this blog..thank you.

From the bottom of my heart,

TP said...

TP is thankful for hockey, PH, and people who appreciate the art of Blingee.

Strudel said...

Hope you bitches and everyone else had a good Thanksgiving!

I don't comment here very often, but this is one of my favorite sites. So, thanks for all you do!

Liz said...

My first comment ever. I am addicted to this site, so you can never stop writing, okay? Thanks.

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