Monday, October 26, 2009

same old, same old

We still haven't figured out how to run our lives when they have to go on for more than a day or two without hockey.

Here are some things you may want to hear about:

It was a battle of Jonases as winless-but-sexy Vesa Toskala sat the game out.

We, perhaps better than many Pens fans, have an insight into the deeper difficulties of being a Leafs fan, and we're happy to see Toronto notch its first win of the season.
But we are no less amused by pictures like this one from a Leafs game in Vancouver.
Frustrated (probably alcoholic) Leafs fan putting an UpsetFan bag over his head surrounded by some of the best expressions we've ever seen in the stands.
Top right guy just jizzed his pants.
White hat dude probably hasn't even realized he's at a Canucks game.
Seriously, what a moment.

Also, some website that is in love with us tried to get quotes from Bryz about his hot, hot start, and received the following quotation:

"The whole team is battling hard in front of me, and it makes my job much easier," he told "Relaxed? Maybe it's just the beginning of the season, you know, my mind is fresh . . . maybe I don't know what I want."

We never said Ilya was a man who knew what he wanted, but his forwardness with the media on this issue is quite endearing.

Speaking of Bryz, the NHL is still publishing short, 1984-like articles about the fate of the Coyotes franchise. They still want to stay in Phoenix. Woo?

And yeah, you know about the clutch pics of Godard and Fleury dressed up at practice if you've been following the Pens Twitter page.

Also, you can watch the video that finally came out of Eric fingerpainting with children, getting his ass kicked at air hockey, and talking about his coloring skillz. It's really very dangerous so click at your own goddamned risk.

More later.
Just thought we'd share.
Happy Tuesday.


Becky said...

Dangerous does not even begin to cover that clip....

Ashferddd said...

Not too happy that the Leafs won. What the hell happened to the Ducks? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

And I took the risk. And you should too. Life changing, I tell ya.

SinBinRegular said...

I think I died when he was holding that tea cup...I clearly didn't take the warning seriously enough.

Annie S said...

I've been such an emotional, weepy bitch this week that even watching this video from the Pens website set me off in tears, so I don't think I'll risk this clip just yet. In due time, though. ;)

CrackerLilo said...

Okay, we *really* can't let these guys have long breaks anymore. They go get their hair cut. (Scroll towards the bottom, don't cry.)

I did like the sight of Gonchar taking the ice in a red jersey of his own, though. They have seriously got to start selling those--the Pens can be the first team with a fourth jersey!

That Godard video--ohmyGods, that is *something*. I think "Scare Bear" should be his new nickname. I wonder how those kids react when they watch TV and see their buddy deck some guy who deserved it. :-)

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

@Annie S

OMG!!! I'm totally crying and I'M AT WORK!!

Don't put links like that out here during the day!


blumarine87 said...


Ashferddd said...

I honestly love KTang's haircut. Hate me all you want, but it reminds me of his brief stint in WBS. It's tres adorable, if you ask me.

Pensational said...

How sick is it that as soon as I saw the video of Tanger with his shorter hair, I rushed straight to Puckhuffers to join the discussion that I just *knew* would be taking place on this subject?!?

I think it looks good, but I feel like he lost some of the power that was living in the hair.

Gigi said...

"For some reason, he is always wearing tights with his costumes. I don't know why that is. He was Catwoman before and now he was a frog with leggings, so maybe it just means he likes to wear tights. I don't know." — Sidney Crosby, on Marc-Andre Fleury's Halloween costume

Meanwhile, with the past few days not containing hockey, I spent my time going on a Blingee rampage instead of having a life. Enjoy the results:


Orpik (Not for the faint of heart)

CrackerLilo said...

@ Pensational: As sick as I am for bringing the link here where I knew it would be discussed, then coming back to see the discussion!

Ashferddd said...

So, not Penguins related, BUT, I'm watching the Flyers-Caps game on Versus, and apparently Ovechkin is a fattie. 6-2, 233. That's a fattie, bitches. We've got a new fattie in the house! Of course, not a Hartnell fattie either.

Ashferddd said...

Oops, I meant he IS a Hartnell fattie. He is NOT a Nash fattie, though.

Loser Domi said...

Those people who actually buy the "upset fan" bag? they make me feel punchy

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