Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pens vs. CBJ

Oh, jeez.
We love and hate games like this, people.
Having attended a Penguins game in Columbus, we know that the atmosphere is going to be great (because Jackets fans are beasts) and that the cannon will be ready to go. We're so sorry we can't be there.
The last time we were, the situation was pretty desperate--though they had just accomplished an impressive winning streak, they still needed every little point to get them into the playoffs. Jackets won in SO and we took it gladly.
The case tonight isn't quite the same, but nevertheless there will be some shit to overcome. Our lineup has suddenly been depleted by injuries and we've recalled Conner. Chris Bourque (who is like, drunk) is a second-liner--remember when Petr Sykora was a second-line winger? Far cry.

Here are the projected lines as per the Pens site:



Eesh. It's been worse, though. We're not going to lie.
But Malkin missing 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury scares the crap out of us. Typically the man is impervious to all which involves pain. The understanding is that he wants to play but Coachy wants him to sit for his own damn good.
Which is so like him, isn't it?

Will Kris's haircut deplete the unicorn power?
How well does Rick Nash's blood scrub out of an RBK Edge jersey?
I guess you'll have to tune in to find out.

by the way, Detroit is kind of having a moment lately. Just one big ongoing moment.
They were down 5-1 to Edmonton midway through the second. Scored one in the second and then went all surgical on their asses in the third, staging a three-goal comeback. The game went to OT. Nothing. To shootout, and Edmonton won.
It's a game of momentum and passion. Detroit should have won that game by the rules of those forces.
But. . .you know. It's Detroit.

Fuck 'em.
Go Pens.


Ashferddd said...

I'm so excited! Not happy that half the starting lineup is out, but I'm still so pumped. It'll be even better than seeing the Pens in Jersey over Winter Break. So great. I feel kind of pathetic for opting to wear my white Kunitz instead of my blue Letang jersey, but oh well. I'll be thinking of you bitches!!

utterfrivolity said...

The Wings apparently want their entire fanbase to die early, alcohol-related deaths. Tuesday's 5-4 win after being down 2-0 in the first eight minutes was bad enough; watching them go down 4-0 last night was harrowing. And now Filppula is out 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist. wtf.

I'm just glad they got out of there with a point last night. I don't think they're going to have any to spare this season.

ANovak017 said...

wtf at marc not playing. it's like danny knows when i'm going to a game and decides to fuck everything up.
not that i wanted to see geno and fatty go at it was a close call in the preseason game.

CrackerLilo said...

I guess right now, the "everyday task" for all the Penguins is opening bottles of Tylenol.

Since I won't be watching (I'm going home to Florida for the weekend), I *really* can't wait for the recap. Hope everyone going to the game has a good time, and safe travels to all y'all.

@ utterfrivolity: The Red Wings fan I married is feeling pretty downbeat right now, too. And I can never gloat too much, because I was raised as a NASCAR fan and Beloved is the reason I got into hockey in the first place. Not like there's much temptation to gloat with all the Pens' injuries!

Annie S said...

Everyone who's going to the game, have a kick-awesome time. I wish I could be there. :( Instead I'll be watching on TV and attempting homework at the same time. I guess this injuryblog is the first real bit of adversity they'll have to deal with this season, and it'll be interesting to see how things go down.

Is it sad that I'd rather stay in and watch the game tomorrow night than go out and party like my friends all want me to? I might say I need an intervention, but I'm perfectly happy being this insane, thanks. :)

MadMax84 said...


What, what, whaaaaa?

@Annie S: True hockey fan, right there. I'm home sick and the first thought wasn't, "Gee, I get days off work," it was, "Holy Curry, I actually get to watch the games I normally miss working the night shift! Huzzah!"

Maybe I'm more attuned to it because of Gonch, but it seems there's a rash of broken wrists being handed out, no? Or does two not constitute a "rash?"

Have fun at the game, kids. Let's go Pens!

Hand of Godard said...

Good times in Columbus last year (after the first two periods). Even the three Jackets fans in my section admitted they like the Pens better. God I wish the BJ's would call up Mirasty just for this game so I could see him go toe to toe with Godard.

Need Ice In Phoenix said...

Did that just really happen??!!


I'm not believing this shit!!!!



Need Ice In Phoenix said...

If GoGo tries to shave off that stash he should be beaten!

GoGo . . . STUD! Cappy .. . STUD! BJ . . . BRICK WALL IN THE SHOOTOUT!!!!

What a game!

Candy Man Fan said...

in celebration of our great comeback tonight, I wanted to share this with everyone. in case you've all been wondering what Sarge has been doing with his down time...

Need Ice In Phoenix said...



utterfrivolity said...

@CrackerLilo - A Wings fan got you into hockey and you ended up a Pens fan? How did that happen?

@Annie - My husband and I have already decided to skip the party in favor of the game. Hopefully our friends won't be too offended. They're pretty used to us ditching them for hockey, but it's a little harder to explain the urgency of watching a game live in October than it is in May.

Congrats on the comeback win (although as my husband commented, "They were never down more than two goals? That's just a normal win for us").

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