Thursday, September 17, 2009

what PH considers breaking news

By this point, you know that after a friendly invite to Minnesota Wild training camp, Petr Sykora has signed a one-year deal with them via GM Chuck Fletcher. Considering the fact that we thought he was going to abandon us and take the KHL by storm by beating the entire league with a belt, we're just happy he's staying in the good old National Hockey League.

But now we're overjoyed, because he seems to be sharing personal space with one of the finest, most gorgeous people to ever exist:
It's like Christmas or some shit.
But isn't it always Christmas in the Minnesota Wild locker room?

Watch the entire interview here
KTHX to reader [1wingangel] for the heads up. It may have been awhile before we decided to check WildTV. Not going to lie to you all.

Petr Fever will never die.
Minnesota better watch out.
Women and children first in line for the preventative medicine.
We're going to miss being sick.

Black and Gold game tonight. Gonna be amazing, clearly.
And tomorrow we play Toronto.
For the preseason, we still feel relatively epic.

Go Pens.


25superstar said...

Petey + Cal?
Throw in Marty and we got a party.
I swear to God that rhyming was not on purpose...

Ashferddd said...

Oh Good Curry this is crazy!

AmyB said...

Oh goodness.Joe Thornton is a lousy ventriloquist.

wispensfan said...

Even though I've been reading this blog from the beginning I've never posted a comment but when I heard the news about the signing I seriously almost peed myself I was so excited. Now I can grace myself with his presence more than once a season since Minn is only a three hour drive compared to Pittsburghs tweleve. To think of him and Cal out on the ice in the same jerseys makes me all tingly in naugty places

jefe penguino said...

back to being a penguin killer. i just know sykie is gonna light us up on halloween.

go pens.

Val said...

Syk-syk-syk-boom! I couldn't resist...go Sykie and go Wild!

meecrofilm said...

What up yallll. Solid article here about how Mr. Ray sHERO conducts his business.

More Than A Memory said...

like seriously pittsburgh was nutty for not keeping petr gunn but hey they will soon realize that.

Nulpher said...

I liked Petr, but his leaving opens up some spots for a few up and coming prospects and signings to shine. I am just glad he went to Minnesota rather than an Eastern Conference team. I feel he'll fit in with the Wild well since they're still rather defensive... even without Lemaire. He works better on defensive minded systems for some reason.

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