Friday, September 11, 2009

state of the union

Yesterday, the boys cleaned up real nice and visited the White House.
President Kennedy was glad that his team won the Cup this year so he could, for one glorious day, not have to sneak into the building to administer his nation.
Sports fandom brings out the old boys' club of politics that has been missing since the days when if you didn't like a guy you could take him out back and see who pulled out their gun and fired the fastest.
President Obama was basically like, "Pittsburgh is awesome."
Regardless of your political bent, it's a surreal, beautiful, and bittersweet moment for a Pittsburgher to realize: "Wait. . .shit. The rest of the world knows we're here. We kind of forgot."

In many cases, this is just a symptom of being from southwestern Pennsylvania and can be slightly remedied by venturing out of state occasionally, not that you should fucking want to.
In this case it's just the glare off of the Stanley Cup blinding us to national issues.

The video is pretty sick. Malkin has no idea what's going on but apparently doesn't care. And the fact that Eric Godard was invited to the White House and displayed such remarkable decorum is going to be a lesson to children for decades. The man is pimp city, though we may have a question or two about his haircut.
Brooks must have mastered the intense!stare and is now practicing it full-time, much to the discomfort of our souls and ovaries.
Max is laughing like there is a hot tub full of bitches just out of frame.
All in all, just an amazing moment.

As per Billy G's face in this photo, a swagger has been captured that will last a lifetime.
Gonch is like, "I know I said goddamn this country. . .but really, I could get used to this shit."

They made Brooks talk to the media as well because he effectively gave up his number to the puppet regime.

It's like he's still on high alert for Darren Helm.

Really, if you haven't seen these videos you've been living under a rock.
Or maybe you were just trying to watch it live on WPXI but kept getting John Fedko and some drunk people talking about the Steelers.
Not to discount the defense of the other championship currently residing in the city of Pittsburgh, but come on. . .like we said, Eric Fucking Godard was at the White House.

The real big deal of the day may be that the Penguins site has finally transitioned over to the new template that all of the NHL team sites have been adopting.
Go take a peek at it.
The design itself isn't much to write home about, but its simplicity belies the fact that our summer with that big, shiny thing is coming to an end.
Still, whatever.
Website is functional.
Pens won the Cup.
Bitches and ponies for everyone.
Training camp Saturday.

Go Pens.


ANovak017 said...

interview with brooksie and disco was golden. and what music was playing in the background? good god.
and not that it needs to be said, but geno was classic in the entire video.

25superstar said...

simply incredible

Annie S said...


How much more pimp can this team possibly get? I love them all so hard.

So earlier this week my sister, who is externing at the kitchen of a really swanky, posh country club in New York state, apparently served pasta to the entire NY Rangers team, who were there doing some golf thing. I'm still trying to decide if that's an awesome thing or not.

mer said...

Dear Geno,
I love you. You know that, but I thought it needed reiterating.

And maybe my le swooon radar is just on too high, but did anyone else notice him trying not to piss himself laughing over Geno taking Obama's photo?

@Annie - some girl I met this summer beat Avery at beer pong. THAT would be awesome.

Ashferddd said...

I love this team. What gangsters.

laurrrabeth said...

oh my gosh, this is spot on. gonch is so thinking that. billy g looks like a pimp, straight up. i love staalsy's pageant wave (what a way to spend your 21st) and fuckin geno...just wow. mario being there made me tear up..not gonna lie. these dudes are so money that they don't even know it

Annie S said...

Has anyone seen this?

Fleury might be the worst golfer ever.

AmyB said...

Only Geno is man enough to job the president. At the White House. Like 4 times. He's amazing. I love him coming out of his shell lately. He's a funny guy.

I noticed Le Swoon in that video, trying to take some of Dupe's noms. Hahaah. Cute. I think its fair to say that Biron is a much better golfer than Fleury, what with all that extra practice over the last few years.

Candy Man Fan said...

the golf video makes me happy to be alive...thank God training camp starts tomorrow, I have missed our boys. Sarge and his leaf makes me squeal with delight.

Annie S said...

Yeah, IMO it's a good thing if our guys aren't so good at it, because it means they've had less time to practice. ;D

So is anyone planning on going to the Pens' practice bright and early tomorrow?

Candy Man Fan said...

@Annie S - I am! I'm hoping there aren't millions of people there but I have a feeling there will be. oh well
woooo let's go Pens

Ashferddd said...

@ Annie S - I'LL BE THERE

Annie S said...

Having never gone to a Pens practice at the Mellon before, I have a question: Does anyone know anything about the parking situation? Like, how much it would be to park at the arena, or good places to park nearby that don't charge?

Ashferddd said...

@ Annie S - normal parking rates, but I forget what they are haha. I just take the bus since I'm coming from Oakland. And since the Pens usually have their open practices at Southpointe (it's the other way around this time), I've actually never been to a practice

Candy Man Fan said...

Annie its free parking on sundays! Almost as good as free candy :)

debrisslide said...

You can also park up on the hill by the shady abandoned church. I don't know how else to describe it but it's pretty clutch and I always park there.

Annie S said...

Awesome, thanks everyone. Maybe I'll see you all there. ;D

AmyB said...

tyker kennedy os hte best persident vever. like srsly. whp's gpign to traniong camp tomorrow??i'l be there; im gonna miss mellon so muc :'( god its so hard to belive, :'-( im excited for consol but i <3 mellon. one of the tPB cbloggers said it : DO IT FOR MELLON. fuck. do ti boys. for mellon<3

AmyB said...

@debtislise: HAHA thats where we always poarl! lol we never feed the meter but have never got a ticket LOL

debrisslide said...

lol Amy, there aren't any meters up there, sure we're talking about the same place?

Annie S said...

"Billy, what's in the box?"


Fucking awesome.

Candy Man Fan said...

umm training camp today made me happier than I have been since June, basically. which probably says something about my life but whatever, I was so damn happy with my life for about 4 hours today <3

Annie S said...

@Candy Man Fan - ME TOO! That was such an awesome time. Did you hang out by the wall to watch the players come out afterward? Billy G is the coolest man on the PLANET. I'm gonna try to get to one more open practice this week (possibly Wed.) and try to rush both preseason home games. My wallet is going to be so empty, but who needs food, really? Annnnnd I'm rambling because..... yeah, I fucking love this team and this city.


Nulpher said...

For parking at Mellon, I use what remains of Colwell St. Before they tore it up, Colwell was a long street that you could park on and rarely, if ever, get a ticket on... but now most of it is underneath Consol Energy Center.

Annie S said...

Video I took from this morning:

Team B

Team C

I wish I could have gotten Crosby cross-checking the fuck out of Goligoski after he got all up in his grill, but I missed it.


Annie S said...

Uhm, not to spam the comments section or anything, but how incredible is the caption for this picture?

Or maybe it's nothing and I just have a dirty mind...

Kimberlass said...

@Annie- Best. Ever.

Annie S said...

@Kim - He's got his stick between his legs and everything.


OK I'll stop now. I'm such an awful person. :P

DRAGON said...

@Annie: Best. Picture. Ever. It's the new wallpaper on my desktop!

1wingangel said...

Who else is going to the preseason game against CBJ tomorrow? I've got a pair of tickets for my sister and I in A 21, row C. Gonna be a great time.

Training camp on Sunday was awesome. My sister waved to Danny B., and he waved back. Geno skated past me and we glanced at each other, and he smacked his stick against the glass in front of my face and scared the crap out of me. Typical Geno.

In case you can't get enough of the boys harassing each other and being nice to children, here's a video from the Pens' hockey clinic in DC that will change your life.

JSt11 said...

Me and AmyB will be in section C1.

Candy Man Fan said...

@1wingangel that did just change my life. amazing.

AmyB said...

thank god for adthe and the preseason.
@debrisslide: i'm pretty sure i had no fucking clue what i was talking about. it may have been a sign that said something about 2hr parking, and in my drunkenness, i turned it into a meter. haha.

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