Friday, August 14, 2009

greetings from the road.

If you are following our Twitter, you are aware that we are currently in a Panera Bread somewhere in Alabama. It's air-conditioned and clean and safe and has free wi-fi, making it the most civilized place we've seen in days. So we thought we'd take this chance to give you a sample of what our trip has been visually.
Caged zambonis in a storage room we were most certainly not allowed to be in at the RBC Center.

PH Staff authorizes themselves, bitches.

We think this sign was in South Carolina. But we could be tragically off target. Either way, it really captures the way that this entire trip is going.

Talbot Trash Patrol. The people who pick up the solo cups on his front lawn every morning? The lucky individuals cleaning his hot tub? It leaves so much to the imagination.

We weren't even a little bit sure why there was a piece of cardboard with the word "clothes" taped onto our shady motel door with blue electrical tape. But we loved it.

Our nightstand at said motel.

They had our favorite channel.

The parking lot was equally as savory as the inside of the room!

The French Quarter in New Orleans boasted some really magnificent products.

...and some equally magnificent places.

The sandwiches we purchased here were just ribs and chicken between bread. With the bones and everything. Alabama might know BBQ, but it doesn't know shit about sandwiches.

The GPS said that we were in an abyss when were were actually just on a horrifyingly scary back road in Mississippi. At least it was paved.

Unlike this shit, which the GPS swore to us was a legit road that we could take all over the place no matter what we thought or how many trees were growing into the middle of it. Nothing has ever been less of a road than this. Ever.

That is all we have for you right now. Stay tuned on Twitter, because really, we're still not sure we're going to make it out of this alive. Should we actually survive, we'll return on Tuesday, at which point we'll be hosting several contests to help all of you win FABULOUS prizes, which we will probably mail long after you've forgotten you won. (Girls, we're mailing them soon, we love you, forgive us.)

Wish us luck.
Go Pens.


Ashley said...

May Curry bless your souls. Be careful. The South is DANGEROUS. I'm glad you found some Talbot and a Club Lemieux though :)

Candy Man Fan said...

I'm pissed I never saw Club Lemieux when I was in New Orleans. I did go into a Gentlemen's Club that I don't know the name of while I was there this year (don't ask) so maybe I was there. I hope.

on another note, your trip is unreal thus far. I'm glad it's being well-documented. hope to hear from you again on Tuesday.

25superstar said...

wow. having crazy times i see. continue to pwn the world, bitches :]

kristin said...

remind me to never take a road trip with y'all!

ANovak017 said...

thank curry that you survived that motel. i was legitimately scared for your lives.

AmyB said...

PH > Carolina Hurricanes

Carol said...

the road trip sounds classic -- always interesting where the GPS thinks you should go.

Just what might the "special prizes" for our Talbot trash patrol be? (note: this is a *completely* retorical question!)

Julia said...

Dear GOD i live in the south and even i don't head down that far good luck ya'll keep your knives out!

captain badger said... honestly kind of jealous, hahah. And I love when my GPS suddenly tells me I am in a VOID, even when I'm driving on an interstate highway.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

Talbot trash patrol... Jesus. Red solo cups. Fucking genious.

Chubs said...

The green channel sucks.

The blue channel is where its at.

TheRangersFan said...

Your tweets often made me fear for your lives. I'd tell you to be careful or something, but what's the use.

"PH Staff authorizes themselves, bitches". I am still in awe of how you got in there. The trip seems to be a success.

May Curry be with you.

The Goon Blogger said...

Keep up with the not dying.

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