Tuesday, August 18, 2009

goddamn we had it made

Well, we're home. Somehow.
The whole trip was oddly successful, if you can believe that.
Not without some issues thrown in, but if there weren't issues it wouldn't have been the adventure we all hoped for.
Say goodbye to the Twitter for now. There are times and places for Twitter and it would probably lose its magic if every day we updated it with shit like "LOL EATING TOSTITOS IN BED" and "OMFG JUST CALROLLED EACH OTHER IN TEXT MESSAGES." We'd lose our sanity more than we currently have. We are already confused by having computers at our disposal all the time.

The road was great, but today, we saw heaven.
Making an epic, triumphant arrival home never gets old.

We did "Five Reasons We Love Hockey" for Puck Daddy. It's awkwardly honest and appropriately nerdy. Some who have read want to stab their eyes out after doing so, so we clearly recommend that you check that out.

Things coming up to look forward to:
- we're actually going to mail out the prizes for our photo contest
- we're having another contest, probably of the crayon-coloring variety, in which you can win yourself something that is both useful and pimp
- we're going to get back into the groove of shit and start getting you pumped for next season, because there is absolutely no reason why the epic has to stop now

Go Pens.


Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

asdkfjals dfikaf


Oh, how I missed you.

oh, and matthew is precious.

CLS said...

Puck Huffers on Puck Daddy: Hollywoooood!

But seriously, don't take the commenters seriously. Some serious neanderthals there at times.

25superstar said...


AmyB said...

Puck Daddy's commenters are amazing. I LOL'd hard at this:
"But ladies, you should know that there is a lot of strategy in hockey - when you see guys talking on the bench it isn't always about where the cute chicks are sitting."

I'm glad you bitches made it back safe. Also, coloring contests? DO WANT PLZ.

JSt11 said...

PD commenters need a big fat "WHY SO SERIOUS?"

Julia said...

welcome home ya'll glad the south didn't kill you

Ashferddd said...

I'm so glad you bitches made it home alive. I thought of you last night while I was eating my Timbits in the middle of Penn Station. Ba ha haaaaaa

FDeuce said...

im glad you two made it home safe!

im also glad to see you are abandoning the twitter. respect.

FDeuce said...

and i dont mean that in an omfg your twitter posts were so stupid blah blah, but in a props for using the damn thing properly.

meecrofilm said...


Geez, there sure are some joke commentors on Puck Daddy.

Carol said...

glad you bitches made it home!

the 5 reasons were your usual classic stuff, and the comments, well, lets just say it *really* makes me appreciate everyone hear all the more!

Ashferddd said...

On the PD note, I defended your picture of Superstar, because those commenters are jokes :p

JSt11 said...

I felt inspired last night:

Hey bitch hey!

Macke said...

Way to not die guys! Y'all are insane, by the way. And your tweeting kept me very entertained. miss u miss u miss u.

AmyB said...

Everyone here has to propose to JSt11 for this find.

Candy Man Fan said...

I accidentally posted this on the last post earlier...reading PH on my bb sometimes is confusing. anyways.

Saw this on twitter and thought it might be of interest to you

NHL #NHL Tweeps, want to ask #BlueJackets F Rick Nash a question? Send it to Fans@NHL.com. The best ones will be on NHL.com this Oct.

Candy Man Fan said...

@JSt11/AmyB - that is so qt. I have the biggest soft spot for Eric Godard after seeing how great he is with fans

JSt11 said...

Don't thank me, thank PSAMP for this wonderful find. And for the ridiculously small and entertaining animals.

The Goon Blogger said...


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