Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Got some good news, got some redundant bad news.

Bad news: Petey still isn't coming back.
Good news: It's got nothing to do with Dan Bylsma.

Thank God.
What are we, Montreal?
Dramadramadrama and for nothing.

We'd still defend the man to our teeth if we were called to do so. Unless he killed kittens or called Cappy "nothing special" or said that Pittsburgh sucked or something. And then we'd have an aboutface so fast we'd get whiplash.

More on this later.
Thanks to Allison for the word.
It's late.

In case you need to feel good about something:
Eric Godard approves of this message.
Well, not really. But we can't specifically say he doesn't approve of it at this juncture in time, either.

Go Pens.


Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...


AmyB said...

Maybe now I will be able to get some sleep? The thought of Pety and Coachsma not getting along was srsly haunting me. Anyone going to prospect camp tomorrow at Southpointe?

AmyB said...

Also, LOL @ Petr-hating yinzers.

Annie S said...

OOOOOOGE RELIEF. That lessens the pain substantially. Would you believe that when I first read that translated article, I was surprised since it didn't really seem like Petr's personality at all. It would have been an absolutely valid point of view in other cases (coworkers not getting along and whatev), but it just didn't sound like him, or Bylsma to me. (As if I know them, but anyway...)

Now we just have to hope he doesn't go to the Wings or Caps or someone like that...

Lori said...

in the words of Wrap, "holy calves!"

Hey baby...

JSt11 said...

WOOOOOOO is right! Makes me feel better. DILFs should not fight amongst themselves. It's sad.

@AmyB, tomorrow is a bad day for me to go to prospect camp. I'm leaving work early because I have a game and a ton of work. Friday I will probably be there. Maybe even tomorrow.

Renee said...

Hey, long time lurker-first time poster. . .just wanted to say who the fuck would trust a publication called "Blesk"?! :p Blesk to all those who confuse sports with reality TV and keep trying to create melodrama. The excitement comes from what happens ON the ice, people!

P.S. you know Godard TOTALLY approves of this message! :D

mer said...

I'm still making rainbow blingee cupcakes...

MadMax84 said...

Wow, that photo just made my day. And mostly because I almost cried when I went to the Stanley Cup journals and saw I missed my chance to see Scuds bring the Cup to Long Island :(
I seriously tried my best, calling the HHOF to demand a schedule (no doing), setting up Google alerts every which way. But no. I missed that chance. Sigh. At least he looked like he had a good time ... (sob).
In other news, I heard Billy G's bringing it back to the Isle, so hopefully they'll be a bit more informative about that. For real though, the info that gets leaked/let out on these SC travels is so haphazard. Either that, or I'm a flaming idiot.
--Sorry for the rant--
Godsy makes me life. And kids, say it with me now: "Eric Godard, Stanley Cup Champion." Yesssss.

Hand of Godard said...

Eric Godard, Stanley Cup Champion.
That felt good.

I took Friday off work and may swing down to prospect camp. If you see a guy in a yellow Barrasso jersey foul taking pictures like it's going out of style, that's me.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

@madmax- Scudsy's plans for the day were kept under such tight wraps, it was rediculous. I too had been stalking the shit out of the internet, and all the small town newspapers across the island, and never saw a word about it in advanced. It was only by the grace of god that I heard about some private thing at some ice rink that I was able to worm myself into.

I'm seriously hoping that Billy G's plans are much more piblicized, and that he does something much more public.

Its frusterating how much detail you can get in advance on some players, and others have no information available.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

That comment was so full of spelling and grammar errors, that it could almost pass as a drunk blog.

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