Tuesday, July 28, 2009

some things we found in the crawl space

How we make it through summer without hard drugs is a mystery for the ages.
Hockey and the news surrounding it paces itself like old men in hats driving Buicks.

Luckily, this time, we have excellent news.
Which is that Our Hero Daniel LaCosta has been re-signed by the Blue Jackets. It's only for a year. He'll probably get so many shutouts next season that Martin Brodeur will start worrying about his job.
50% of games that Dan LaCosta has started in the NHL have ended as shutouts. There are only two, but still.
It's a totally true statistic.
Plus, there's a picture somewhere of him looking snazzy in a puka shell necklace.
If you have this photo, you should e-mail it to us. We've been looking for it for weeks.

Jordy's day with the Cup went public at HHoF today.
It's a beautiful if selfish love affair.
We hope Sid doesn't pull the whole abusive husband thing when he gets his turn. We get the feeling that Cappy doesn't tolerate cheating particularly well.

Also, in case you didn't know, Max and his bff Bruno have a really special website for their golf tournaments.
There are some really winning pictures of Max that deserve to be displayed prominently to the American public.
He sure likes umbrellas.

Sometimes he has a man come around to hold his for him. You know, when he's busy.

He also often carries a small picture of his own face in case he forgets what he looks like.
Not that that happens often. He's just worried.

Major thx to gendoyon for tipping us off to this beauty.

As a result of these photographs and the circuitous discussion that ensued, we've decided that if Max were a boat he'd be a tugboat.
This tugboat, in fact.

Also, we're sure you all know about Hossa's shoulder surgery. It's old news that we didn't dignify with a post at the time.
What a downer. *insert lols*

Really everything is harder to hate once you've won the Cup.
Not that we have to tell you that.
We just continue to bask in it.
It's not an easy thing to defend but it's fucking July.

A lonely month, but still.

Go Pens!


wrap around curl said...

Max Talbot is made of awesome.

JSt11 said...

Caption: I love Red Wings, I ate 5 for breakfast OMNOMNOM

I don't know anything about golf, but I lol'ed when I saw that foursomes was a section for the pictures. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen Max's ass.

AmyB said...

HAHA. I LOL'd about the foursome too. Max Talbot is such a fucking man. I seen his house again today.

Annie S said...

Is it weird that I read the name of the website as "OMNOMNOMgervais-talbot.com"?

Caitlin said...

i did too Annie! haha

Ashley said...

I love those Maxy Talbot pictures. And no, Annie, it's honestly not weird at all!

crmzak said...

Anything Max equals "Vegas format", no? The man even has his own Fonzworth Bentley. Nice.

@Annie S - No way! You were in my neck o'the woods then. We have tons of Tim Horton's around here, which I've always thought was a little strange considering how much of a chokehold DnD has on NE.

crmzak said...

Mannn. How sad is it that after reading about Annie being somewhat near me, my initial thought was asking all you girls to come over for a summer picnic and watch the Championship dvd (which, sadly, I don't have yet) on my big screen?

SCF Game 1 in my backyard

And while I'm thinking of it, I keep meaning to share the video of my family's reaction the night we won the Cup:

Molly said...

woot woot! video time

jovi said...

i thought the same thing about Jordan/Sid/ and the Cup; especially when they said he slept w/ it.

they're going to have to give the cup a pregnancy test after all of this. especially after max gets it. should be a great Maury episode.

jovi said...

maybe not a pregnancy test, but at least therapy.

"show me where Max kissed you on the doll".

Annie S said...

crmzak - That's awesome! And it's not sad at all, a picnic and watching the championship DVD would be amazing.

And I never knew there were so many Tim Hortons down here... I'm making a bigger deal out of this than it probably is, but to me it's just awesome. ;D

Gigi said...

Max Talbot is the fucking man. I feel it is my duty to make blingees out of some of these pictures.

Gigi said...

Here it is:


Ashley said...

Cabbie finally posted this:



Candy Man Fan said...

I have so many great videos awaiting me when I get home from vacation tomorrow, I cant wait. I'm up on lake erie and there's a place down the road called tk's tavern. If it wasn't so shady looking I'd make my family stop there.

I decided if I could attend just one of our boys parties, I wouldve picked jordy's. Partying it up on the staal sod farm would be amazing

crmzak said...

@Molly - great find on the Max vid. I also liked the music. I'm beginning to wonder if I would like any suckass song as long as it's put over a Penguins montage.

@Gigi - That's some sweet bling right there!

@Ashley - What a way to start the day! I'm so glad I stopped by PH before anywhere else this morning. *Thank you* for posting that video. Made me severly warm & fuzzy. Well, except for the Talbot and Geno clips which gave me ginumbous chills.

Ashley said...

@crmzak No problem! I thought it was really weird that he interviewed Jeff Taffe, but oh well. That whole video = EPIC.

Candy Man Fan said...

Um the fact that jeff taffe is in cabbies video makes me 22 times more excited to watch it.

Ps. Love the banner

Mullets and Peanut Butter said...

I will be happy to volunteer my official scientific skills to test the cup for pregnancy/STDs/lie detector.

I also think that the cutout of Max's face has a Christopher Lambert as the Highlander circa 1986 vibe to it.

The Goon Blogger said...

Wade Brookbank is now a Penguin.

Oh my god, overload for tGB.

Eric Godard, Mike Rupp, AND Wade Brookbank?

It'll just be an orgy of fists and pain if they're ever put on a line all together.

Oh first game against Philly, how I await you with bated breath...

JSt11 said...

@AmyB: I seen? Come on now, I know that Pittsburgh public school education taught you better than that.

Cabbie definitely has a thing for Mamma Staal. Perhaps that is why I sense some animosity between him and Jordan. Baby Dupes might just be the most adorable kid ever.

@Gigi: I love the sprinkles on the umbrella. Subtle yet striking. If that makes any sense.

Carol said...

@tGB: just add Brooksie patrolling the blue line (not to mention center ice) & I believe the game Kim & Zoe's recap would feature lots of things like "...and then some lives were ruined..."

Candy Man Fan said...

finally watched Cabbie's video and it was the bright spot in my otherwise shitty afternoon. luckily tonight my friends and I are celebrating Geno's birthday like everyone should: champagne, a bonfire and a lifesize cardboard cutout of Sid

Annie S said...



Ashley said...

@ Annie YESYESYES. Besides, I was just in Wilkes-Barre last night, and they have a chain called CURRY DONUTS, and I immediately thought of him. Now that he's signed I feel even better WOOOOOOOOO

AmyB said...

@AmyB: I seen? Come on now, I know that Pittsburgh public school education taught you better than that.

Is that an error? Hahaa. I didn't know. Remember I dropped AP English senior year? Yeah.

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