Thursday, July 16, 2009

some good news, some bad news.

Good News You Already Know

-Mister President is 23 whole years old. We missed the celebration because we were doing other things. And thus, we missed the opportunity to post a video that obviously needed posting, but let's all close our eyes and pretend that it is the 15th once again.

-Benny Lovejoy is back for another year, and the Alaskan Storm is here to stay for two. This means we are guaranteed grade-A defensive adorableness through 09/10 and safety from bears through the 09/10 and 10/11 seasons. Thank Curry.

-Sid and Malkin are being used for a Myspace scam. This is good news because we thought Myspace was dead, and we're glad there is still a place for 15-year-olds to hang out after school.

Bad News You Also Probably Already Know

-Petr is not coming back to the Penguins, via everyone in the universe who has ever spoken to us. The interview where it was stated was translated from Czech media by Tomas Jandik over at LGP. Here she blows.

The quotes are harsh.
This is the famous one that everyone is freaking out over:
"It’s never a good thing when you are coached by a former teammate. On top of that, he used to be a player who drifted around as a fourth-liner. I was younger than him, played on the top line, scored goals, was the little star. Now the roles got reversed, and from the first moment I had a feeling that he let me ‘eat it.’ I honestly say that I have not had liked him even as a teammate. Which does not happen to me often"

We'd also like to pull out this little number, though.
Q: Do you regret that there is no way back?
A: Incredibly. I think I had two excellent years there, scored 59 goals, and persuaded the previous coach Therrien about my qualities. But this is business, nobody cares about feelings. I’m pissed off; but on the other hand, it gives me more fuel to prove they had made a mistake.

The thing everyone has to remember is that Petr Sykora doesn't hate the Penguins. Or Pittsburgh. Or Yinzers. In fact, he made it clear that he'll miss that shit. He isn't dying alive, he isn't refusing to play unless his demands are met. Petr Sykora is just a dude who can't work for his boss.

Another thing we want to stop before it grows up all big and strong is this notion that Petr can't perform in the playoffs / was getting too old / lost his touch, et cetera. Sykora was obviously hurt. We've watched Petr Sykora play hockey for years just like a lot of people, and no one deteriorates that quickly. Maybe age was getting to him, but you can't judge how much one factor is affecting a player when there are other variables in play. All players get older, it's a progression. Petr Sykora still has a few years of great play left in him, and you can write that down.

We'll miss Petr, and you're all more than well aware of that. He's a childhood hero. Petr coming to the Penguins was like a dream come true. Unless Kovie comes back or Shanny decides to stop by, we're never going to feel something like that again. We're glad we had him. We love the man regardless of the jersey on his back, and we pray to Curry that he does in fact prove to everyone that we lost a valuable player.

Petr Fever is still out there.
The Penguins had better watch out.

Good luck, Petey.
Go Pens.


Ashley said...

My Petr Fevr will never go away. I'll miss you Pety.


Carol said...

Oh, now I have the image of Shanahan as a Pen... if only... {sigh}... good luck to Petey next year (but please, please, do not sign with evil empire in Detroit!)

JSt11 said...

I guess I'll change my avatar now =(
Thank you for the memories, Pety. I heard there was some friction between Bylsma and Bill Thomas too. I really hope that's not the case. Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about him?

Kimberlass said...

Has that really been mentioned? Because I've had this theory for ages that Dan hates Bill Thomas.

nu said...

Oh Sykkie; you are very hard not to be fond of, and I will always thank you for getting hurt so we could win the Cup (see: 2000) (and that Game 5 goal last year wasn't bad either, and I think the one against the Sens I went to you actually scored two from Geno, so we all know your capacities for awesome...)

...but I distinctly remember you bitching about MT and his ability to coach as well. (And I wasn't thrilled by it then.) Maybe you don't like being coached by a former fourth-line teammate; maybe he doesn't like you. But you're not doing yourself any credit by coming off as the team malcontent here.

I think it must REALLY suck if Disco doesn't like you, because everybody else likes him.

Pants N at said...

Amen, sistas. We're all survivors of Petr Fevr, which once you've caught it, lays dormant in your system the majority of the time, only to up violently from time to time. Some people got vaccinated as an infant, and Danny B must have been one of them.

Good for him, but I'm not complaining... I think the Fevr was fun.

Do expound on the Bill Thomas theory. Must another Burgh Boy go the way of Petr because of coach strife?

Pants N at said...

Re: my previous post,
What happened to the word "flare"?

Does anybody remember laughter?

nu said...

*clarification ("him" = everybody else likes Bylsma. though I haven't heard of any of the players not liking Sykkie....)
**and for Sykkie having MAF's back during the crappy Game 5. he gets more "plus" points for that.

debrisslide said...

@nu - Hey, he's not "coming off as" anything. He actually is unhappy. I don't think he's making it up. And I don't blame him, either.

Kimberlass said...

While I fully recognize his strengths and ability to coach certain players, and I understand that he was an enormous part in our winning the cup, I can safely say that I have never supported or liked Dan Bylsma's hiring / personality / coaching style. I can certainly see him being inwardly pompus, and I can definitely see him being jealous.

I'm not saying it didn't work. I'm saying it's not my thing.

MT, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. He wasn't a player's coach. He was a hardass, and I like that in coaches. I was never a fan of bringing in soff coaches. But I can also say that I would hate to play for him. I just wouldn't react well to it.

Sure, maybe it's a bad record to complain about two coaches in a row. But I think everything he said was completely understandable and valid. Take from it what you will, but I kind of smiled when I read this interview, because he's leaving in much the same way that I would.

Complaining about him for speaking his mind and telling the truth is something I'm not signing up for.

So Petr and I can go hold hands in the "sucking" corner, because I'll trust him over Dan any day.

Oatmeal Love Affair said...

Only Blingee can ease the pain.

nu said...

I never said Petr was making anything up, but I think going back to Anaheim to try and validate whatever happened NOW doesn't look great. He's allowed to be unhappy (though Sykkie, considering how it ended, I think you could have gotten to party, kept your peace, and walked away), but he's not hurting Bylsma by doing this; he's hurting himself.

Kim, that's interesting you never drank the Disco Kool-Aid. I was so angry after they got rid of MT that I refused to listen to one of his press conferences for months, or even be that thrilled about the .800 winning percentage crap. I've come to appreciate his strengths and even like his style a bit, but it's like I said -- when you don't get along with someone who's popular, it bites (and only gets about ten times worse when that person's in authority like a teacher or a coach).

Raybin said...

Eternally committed to the Kim after that 11:00 p.m. post.

I'm so disgusted with CBlog I can't even begin to describe right now. Can I come hang out here?

Kimberlass said...

You're more than welcome. We keep it real over here. I can only pray there will never be a need for a GPHCblog. If only because it's a terrible acronym.

AmyB said...

@Oatmeal: That Blingee brings comfort in a time of loss and sorrow. You are truly a Blingeemaster.

I'll miss Petr. A lot. But obviously I wouldn't want him to stay here if he's not happy. Whatever it is between him and Bylsma is his and Bylsma's business. I personally love me some Dan, but that's neither here nor there. He had a great 2 years here, and everyone should appreciate that. Bye Pety.

@JSt11: I think we need to have a ceremonial burning of that sign. Like when they dispose of old, unserviceable flags. Of course alcohol and much emo-ness should be involved.

Candy Man Fan said...

now that it is written in stone, I will wear all black tomorrow. my love for Danny Balls will put a slight hindrance on the mourning, but Sykie is still my favorite Czech and I will miss him

Ashley said...

@ Raybin: C-blog is pissing me off too. Where did all the Sykie haters come from? Ahhhhhhhhhhh

debrisslide said...

I read like 10 comments over at tPB and had to close it. It's like not inviting someone to the party and then being pissed off that they didn't show up. There are more important things in life than being the championship team, and when someone doesn't feel he's being treated well then he should leave.

It's just shitty it had to end up like this. But like our banner said awhile back, Petey gets what Petey wants. He needs to go somewhere where he will be happy. Hugs and kisses n'at. He's a great player and he shouldn't have to prove himself again, but he certainly can. Goddamn it.

Btw, I have never cried at a Blingee before. Like. . .seriously. Fuck.

ANovak017 said...

this sucks.
i think that pretty much sums it up.

Milena said...

Love Petr and all he's done for the team... but I really don't get the "first liner-fourth liner" comments. A bit out of line, don't you think?
He's been great for the Pens, but it's obvious it's better for all that he moves on.
Good luck Petr. Just hope you doesn't pull a Fedorov and desert us for Russia!

JSt11 said...

Jesus, Oatmeal. I'm not a cryer at all, but dammit. That brought a little tear to my eye.

@AmyB: Sounds good. I still have it.

@Kim: I remember reading something like you mentioned in a post on here about Danny Balls playing favorites with the AHL boys when he first came to Pittsburgh. Then I saw a post on LGP, but who knows really knows if what I read was legit. I'll try to dig up the link tomorrow when I get a break from work.

I can't begrudge Petr for being honest. He didn't make a fuss during the season. He was all smiles with the Cup and at the parade. He waited until after free agency cooled down to speak his mind. I had a similar issue with my college coach. She was a big fat bitch who had some weird grudge against me. The best coaches I had were always the hardasses.

JSt11 said...

Found the link: second comment

Annie S said...

Cblog is pissing me off too. It's like termites coming out of the woodwork - I'm reading all the Sykie-hate and going, "Who the fuck are these people?" Bah.

I can only hope now he goes to a team we don't hate and where he'll do well. I obviously wouldn't want him to stay if he didn't like it here and wasn't getting a more significant role, but damn. This'll sting for a while.

Kimberlass said...

I thought the whole 1st/4th liner comments were completely fine. If someone from my graduating class who was a poor writing student ended up being my surly editor, I'd be like "Bitch, you are just upset that you can't write, you could never write, and you will never write. Succckkkssss."

I love it when people speak the truth, even if it is a little bitchy.

Nulpher said...

To be honest, anyone who says that they have never bitched about their bosses either a) never had a job, or b) is lying. said...

Petr Sykora is a fine teen idol! said...

I was just thinking the other day about changing my identity to Brady's Mouth Full of Petey. I made that up all by myself. It came to me in a dream.

mer said...

I'll be with Kim and Petr in the "sucking it" corner. Wearing my Sykora jersey.

Kimberlass said...

I'll throw on mine, too. It's signed. We'll be really powerful over in the corner.

We can make pancakes. Everyone else can suck it.

mer said...

I'll make us rainbow Blingee cupcakes. With billions of sprinkles. And sparklers. And maraschino cherries. And a 1 and a 7 of those number candles your mom gets because she can't be bothered to light seventeen candles.

Hey Petr-Haters: No Blingee cupcakes for you!

debrisslide said...

CHANNELING MY SADNESS INTO CREATIVITY OVER HERE. Very therapeutic actually. Oatmeal had the right idea. :(

nu said...

I think because we've been given this image of sunshine rainbow Blingees and puppies since Disco came in ("guys want to come to the rink again" 9_9) and given the way it ended up, anybody who breaks the Utopian ideal right now is going to get slammed. Just the way it is. Or where all the haters suddenly come from, anyway.

I guess I'll shut up. (Note to Sykkie: please don't join Detroit; that constitutes REALLY stupid.)

Carol said...

@Nulpher: you nailed it on the boss comments!

especially if you've ever had to work for a boss that got promoted after being a co-worker -- it's ok sometimes, but it can be absolutely horrendous.

I think some people (posting some hating comments in other places...) seem to forget that this interview wasn't given to ESPN or something, it's a Czech article that was translated in a blog, so it's not like this was his post-Cup interview or anything. He's not whining, just explaining that the situation's not workable, which sucks, so he's leaving. I completely respect & understand (god, do I understand, I've been there!). Hope he signs somewhere awesome soon & has a great year!

Carol said...

oh -- & the blingees ROCK!!!!

JSt11 said...

The title says it all.

Basher said...

Sykora has been one of my favorite guys here since he came, and I'll be sure to cheer for Petr wherever he goes... long as its not anyone in our division
or the capitals
or the red wings
and he's not playing us that day.

Best scenario: go help out the powerplay over in Columbus. they could use someone who can score some goals.

I just hope Disco's disliking of players isn't personal. If he doesn't like the way someone plays, I'm fine with him doing what he wants. If he doesn't like the personality or whatever, I'd hope he can get over it.

Sadly, I've been preparing myself for this day ever since Kunitz took his spot on the powerplay

Annie S said...

Brooksie is bringing the Cup to Boston College on Sunday, and I have to work/have no one to go with.


Candy Man Fan said...

@JSt11 I just laughed out loud at that

debrisslide said...

Annie--if I were in Boston you know where I'd be! Seems like all the cool shit happens when I'm not there.

Annie S said...

Zoe - I'm seriously considering blowing off work and bringing my mom down there with me.... I'm going to quit in a couple weeks anyway since I'm going to Pitt.

I know what you mean about the cool shit happening when you're not there. Seeing the team and mobs of fans celebrating with the Cup in the city and everyone going nuts with the parade, I thought, "Damn, only a couple months and I'll be there!"

JSt11 said...

I just read Hockey Junkies. They pointed out the same article I did yesterday. Now I feel dumb.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Annie S said...

Allison - That's fucking awesome! And kind of sad. :( I'm gonna miss him like hell.

Candy Man Fan said...

@Annie - please go. I would make the 9 1/2 hour drive if I could find someone to do it with me but no one else is as crazy as I am/is able to go. so go and take tons of pictures and tell Brooks I miss him haha

@Allison - when I saw on tpb/psamp that someone named Allison went to see Scuds, I knew it was you. hope it was amazing

Candy Man Fan said...

@Allison - I have to comment again now that I looked at your pictures. first of all, what did you say? did you tell him how much we will all miss him? also, the picture of him just chilling with his sunglasses on, being a BAMF is amazing

mer said...

@ Annie - Go.

JSt11 said...

I saw a stamp on Blingee with some emo singer in the rain wearing a Flyers shirt. I felt inspired.

Annie S said...

I got a girl to cover for me at work on Sunday, so I don't even have to get fired! Woohoo!!

I'll probably end up making an ass of myself saying something stupid... but it will be worth it. I haven't been this excited in a while.

Nulpher said...

Fattie Nash:,177282

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