Friday, July 31, 2009

end your fasting, 'cause it's easter friday.

Have you heard the good news?
And no, we don't mean the kind the bicycle Mormons bring to your front door every summer. We're of course talking about the return of JC.
Err...John Curry.
2 years, 2 way, 1 million.
While the signing of Brent Johnson was a little upsetting for us at first, we understand that Curry is being groomed as a full time backup. It's not like the people behind the scenes are Curryless heathens. If our time in his light has taught us anything, it is that he has a plan for us all.

We also signed Wade Brookbank and Wyatt Smith on for a year each. They're the type of players that extend our depth chart into the AHL, the kind of talent that the Penguins have been stockpiling for ages. We're kind of horrifying. As Eric Staal would happily warn others; we are a monster.

Just in case you don't live in the comments and haven't seen this twenty-some minute long tribute to our win by Cabbie, here ya go:

For now, that's what we've got.
Can you smell preseason yet?
We can, just faintly.

Go Pens.

Mattie Cooke and Ziggy had their day with the Cup, you can check it out over at HHOF.
And thanks once again to the official PH French Connection Gendoyon for hooking us up with an amazing Max Talbot video featuring his day with the Cup.
Go here. In the menu on the far right, click "La Coupe pour Maxime Talbot." It's in french...but really, it's still perfection. Especially the song that was obviously written about him. Amazing.


Caitlin said...

yeah definitely thought of you girls when i found out the good (heavenly?) news.

love that vid too- caught it the other night after it was posted.

btw, god i love that banner! maxie! <3

not sure about Brookbank or Smith... i don't think they are that good, even for our WBS boys

The Goon Blogger said...

"You wanna help me wrangle some players?"

Trying that at the bar.

Ashley said...

Speaking of Zig, go on the Pens website. He's back on the roster :)

And yes Cabbie love <3 too good

Caitlin said...

via faceoff factor: To add additional fuel to the fire, his biography on the NHLPA website has him earning $650,000 with the Penguins during the 2009-10 season.

There is no official word on a signing, but these clues indicate an announcement is forthcoming.


Candy Man Fan said...

Zigggggy I hope you're coming bcak <3 I pray to curry since he's bakc for 2 month yearsss

AmyB said...

ZIGGYYY<3<3<3<3<3 we want your faceoffs.

mer said...

Dear Max Tablot,
When you speak French, you sound like home.
all my lovelovelove,

LouLou said...

Pics of Max's Day with the Cup...and Tanger was there too! Looking mighty fine as well!

debrisslide said... is he going in to touch himself Petr Sykora style or something?

Annie S said...

When I hear Max speak French I melt into a sighing puddle of puckbunny. It's getting very embarrassing.

AmyB said...

Ass. Jesus.

AmyB said...

hai guys. we are getting drunk. there;s a kid who is a hocey fan like us. jst11 isa eating glitter . we are making mazx talbt coloring pictures and teaching him about slash. but he wonr tead the slsh!!!! im sad cuz slash is awesime !!!11!! drunk hockey convos are awesime.

Ashley said...

I love those pics of Max (and LeUnicorn). Keep speaking French, boys. I LOVE IT.

mer said...

@ annie - puddleofpuck... that's me. I don't even try to deny it anymore. I'm okay with be hopelessly infatuated.

@amy - asssssssss. it's nothing like Sid's but I like it better. sadsadsad.

meecrofilm said...

If there's such a thing as an unreal shirt, could those jeans Letang is wearing be classified as unreal pants? Hm.

I wonder if Allison's seen that picture yet. Either way we'll never know, as she probably died from horniness upon seeing it. ;)

JSt11 said...

Dude. AmyB, drunk comments are Allison's territory. Back off, betch. I was not eating glitter. It was somehow finding it's way to my face. Admittedly, the pink glitter we have could be easily mistaken for delicious jimmies.

Those pants are definitely unreal. And so is that ass.

Melanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candy Man Fan said...

@meecrofilm - my friends and I refer to them as unreal jeans. the Frenchmen wear them 99% of the time

Annie S said...

Telling from their back pockets, it looks like they're wearing identical jeans.


Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

Ahhhh mecro!!! He has and unreal ass, therefore it belongs in unreal pants. Mmmmmm. I could stare at that for a whileee...

@jst11 and amyb- lol! Feel free to drunk comment all the time! Isn't it fun?!? And I totally think jst11 was eating glitter. Its ok. I was at a Tool concert two days ago, and was drunk, and all I could think about was how the stage looked like a ginormous blingee with its different patterns of flashing lights. It was so rad.

Annie S said...

Oh crap, a Spam Bot.

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