Saturday, June 20, 2009

october or bust.

Well, here we are.
It's summer.

Summer in Pittsburgh is a beautiful thing. It's hot and lazy and charming in that sweaty sort of way, and you're always just one truck-bed ride away from goin' down the crick. We wouldn't want to spend summer anywhere but here.

And need we mention the annual 4th of July celebration? A thing of legends.

But, then again, there's the lack of hockey.
We're not worried about it. We have the rare opportunity to enjoy the hockey-studded summer that goes along with being Stanley Cup Champs. We'll be following the HHOF diaries obsessively, dreaming of free agents, and feverishly wishing for the preseason.

So, here's what you're looking at for the PH summer.
-It looks like this Friday we'll be heading out to Columbus for the draft. We'll let you know how that goes.
-We're of course going to be following the Cup for you. We'll let you know what happens when MaxTal looses it in a sand dune in North Carolina or when photos of him dick-whipping it appear online.
-If there is a parade in Wilmington Fucking Delaware, you can count us in.
-Free agency. As obsessively as we covered the trade deadline (never has there been a more fucked up 48 hours in our lives) we'll cover this even more closely.
-We're taking ten or so days to aimlessly drive down the east coast, over to New Orleans, and then loop back up. We'll be in the area of several arenas, which we plan to claim on behalf of the Penguins. We'll be documenting this trip here, partially to show you the hockey related things we encounter on the way, and partially because we have an inkling that we might die somewhere along the way. And we need to make sure our families know to leave everything we own to our readers.

We will no longer be updating daily.
Not to say we won't still be obsessively updating at every sign of hockey, we just don't want to feel compelled to create bullshit to generate content when nothing has really happened, so we might miss a day here and there.
The banner will still be updated, no worries.
We'll archive them all eventually, calm down.

So, as our last official order of business before we take the leap into summer, we'd like to thank you.
We started this blog because we were bored and we love hockey. We got so much more out of it than we ever imagined that we would.
This season has been amazing because of you guys.
For those of you who comment, you've created a community we love to watch and be a part of and get drunk with. For those of you who email us, you say some of the most amazing, absurd, unbelievable things. We apologize if we take forever to get back to you (or if we never actually do.) While we try to get back to everyone quickly we often times fail. But we want you to know we appreciate it.And for those of you that lurk in the shadows, we love you too. You should say something sometime. But if you're shy, we're cool with that too.

Awesome people who helped us along the way deserve some mention. Hang on for just a moment while we roll these credits.
TheGoonBlogger was there from the beginning supporting us unwaveringly. Allison somehow became the comments ringleader. She showed up out of fucking nowhere, and a few months later invited us to sleep on her floor in Long Island. We have no clue what we'd do without her now. The Hockey Junkies, who taught us the ways of the wall, the ins and outs of creeping, and provided us with a home close to the south side when we needed one most. Adam and Derek over at tPB have helped us more than they fucking should have. We love 'em for it. Heather from WrapAroundCurl is the queen of the internet and one of the best people we know, despite being a Leafs fan. Lori from Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes is one of the best Penguins bloggers out there and a damn pleasure to know. All of the Guerrilla Cbloggers of course get some mention, and extra props to Laynie for making sure we always have the most recent photos and for acquainting us with some really special individuals in Squirrel Hill. Bob and Mikey at KISS FM were, obviously, unreal. Two of the nicest guys on the planet. If it weren't for Rach and Kate we wouldn't have made it to the SCF, we'd have been frozen to death on the side of a road in Columbus. And of course, the guys over at PSR, for all of their amazingness and the best $10 shirts in the burgh.

We're probably forgetting a lot of people.
Whatever, we're getting bored with the whole sappy angle.
We kind of like you, you get it, whatever.

We wish we could give you some award...
Like...some amazing award to prove you're awesome and from the best place in the world and terrific fans and amazing people...

Kisses and stuff.
We love you.
We'll be here all summer, if you're planning on hanging around.
If not, well, we'll see you in preseason.

Go Pens.


FDeuce said...

WOOOOOOOOO!!! thank you guys for the terrific season! i dont think you could have asked for a better ending! and thank you for all of the excellent posts this year, it's nice to be able to lurk here instead of the playground! that was a joke. stay safe this summer!

1wingangel said...

We <3 PH. Have a safe summer.

MadMax84 said...

I have been saying some variation of the following statement to random people and loved ones alike for the past week or so now: "Dude (long, reflective pause) The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup." It's getting really old for all who know me, along with waitstaff and nurses assistants. But dude. The Pens won the Cup. This summer will be the greatest semi-non-hockey summer ever.

Zoe, Kim: Have a great summer. I will miss coming here in a fever before a game, waiting to get my adrenaline pumping and my fandom swelling (insert sick joke there). It's been real, bitches. Soak in summer, send us a postcard every once and awhile, and thanks for the memories. MadMax84'll be waiting here when you get back.

And by the way. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup.

MadMax84 said...

PS: Your epic summer farewell made me think of this in response. You guys like me! You really, really like me! Well, right back atcha.

jefe penguino said...

i like you. right now i like you!

::raises glass::

pens in 2010!

wrap around curl said...

You bitches are incredible. And do amazing work. I hope to scam enough in financial aid money this fall to come to your side of the country and to go to a game.

I leave for Montreal on Thursday. In theory I will be there for the draft. But I wouldn't rule out me getting so trashed I miss it all. I hope to have drunken vids to share with y'all. I love mass community of writers and commenters. Its the greatest.

meecrofilm said...

I think you should take a very fine sandpaper device to a hockey puck and actually create some "puck dust" if you will.

Then you should huff it. Or else, as far as I'm concerned, this blog is built on LIES.

Plus, yall you could a nice offseason challange ; )

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

"when photos of him dick-whipping it appear online."
I hold yinz FULLY responsible for the damage just done to my laptop from the sprite EVERYWHERE.

"Allison somehow became the comments ringleader. She showed up out of fucking nowhere, and a few months later invited us to sleep on her floor in Long Island. We have no clue what we'd do without her now." _ i fucking love the two of you so much, and one day kim will finally sleep on this kick ass floor.

"All of the Guerrilla Cbloggers of course get some mention, and extra props to Laynie for making sure we always have the most recent photos and for acquainting us with some really special individuals in Squirrel Hill."

OMG Guerilla CBlog- got us all through some tough times. Love everyone. What a support system. And Laynie knows she is loved by me as much as kim and zoe. And I am forever indebted to her for meeting some of these fantastical humans that work in Squirrel Hill.

Oh, and I made some unbelievable progress in the stalking of rob scuderi's Stanley Cup celebreation today. Like, unfuckingbleievable progress... i will obv keep you all posted.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

oh, and I may be completly drunk right now... Simona, I may have just made it home from rewatching game 7 at Floey's on a total whim after a very expensive trip to the NHL store in NYC. WOOOOOOO.... PS .... Guess what.... WE JUST WON THE CUPPPPPPPPP WAHHHHHHWOOOOOOOOOO
(how fucking good is my drunk typing right now.... it's like, zoe status or something)

Kat said...

Love you guys! PH and Guerilla C-blog for life! If you guys ever meander your ways through the shitstorm that is Los Angeles, there's a giant red couch with your names on it.

GingerSnap said...

Lots of love for this blog =) Kudos.

Maybe we should all make a little trip tp Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pray that Christopher Walken is creeping somewhere in the back with a special remote. I need to fastforwsrd through this summer. I might not survive...

Oh wait, the Pens are the Stanley Cup Champs =) =) =) This summer will be pimp.

Rage said...

Hope you pimp-ass bitches have a hot and dirty summer! Stay away from poor, random goalies and their creases...fucking lucky Canadian bastards

Anovak017 said...

I think thanks are in order to you two. Without PH, losses would have been much worse without reading your take on them, and wins wouldn't have had the same spin on them.
I am embarrassed to say that before reading PH, American Hero Rob Scuderi was just another defensemen to me. Sorry.
This off-season is about to be epic and I can't wait to read your take on it.
You bitches stay fly this summer.

MadMax84 said...

@Allison: You'd best keep us (mostly me) posted on the Stanley Cup schedule and how it pertains to Rob Scuderi: American Hero's plans this summer. I am SO there when he brings the Cup to Syosset.

Being on the East Coast, I am also considering visiting Bill Guerin (Worcester, Mass.), Hal Gill (Concord, Mass.,) and maybe even Mark "30 Dicks" Eaton in Del. But Scuds is the closest. Must. Know. Travel. Schedule. Ah!

PS: I too meant to mention the "dick-whipping" of the Cup. So fantastical, PH. I'd like to think he'd aim right for the '08 Red Wings.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

@madmax- well, this is all very preliminary, but I know someone attempting to get the Stanley Cup with Scuds and his family in New York City. Its looking like it will be done for charity if it happens. So if you would be able to make it, it would cost money, but it will be worth it.

As I said, this is all in the very early planning stages, but when I hear anything at all, I'll let everyone know :)

JSt11 said...

Thanks for the amazing entertainment. I plan on reading lots of slash (it's freaking hilarious, you know it) and coloring more pictures of Geno and Gonch this off-season. I'm not changing my picture until I know furshur what's going on with Pety.

Go Buccos? Yeah, GO BUCCOS! 0.500 this year, plz?

JSt11 said...

Oh, how could I forget? HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE WONDERFUL DILFY MEN ON THE PENS. And all you other fathers out there.

Aubrey said...

I'm a latecomer to this party (kind of like a trade dealine acquisition :) and soooo glad to finally have found some hockey fans that are not, well... my parents. Reading this blog has been second best thing about this season (right after Stanley). I can't wait for next year!

P.S. Still don't know if I can catch a ride to the Draft party, but if I do I'll be sure to say hello. I'm assuming I can find you somewhere near Steve Mason, but if that doesn't work I'll just stand in the middle of the arena and scream "Puck Huffers!" until I find you (or someone calls security).

mer said...

Kim and Zoe,
My abs thank you for the repeated work-outs over the past few months.

If you decide to come to Vancouver to stalk the... well, um... EFFING EVERYONE during the 2010 Games, give me a shout. I have a huge flat and a well stocked liquor cabinet... and I may or may not have figured out a way to negotiate my way into GM place by then... maybe... if I'm really REALLY good...

rockhopper said...

You two are fucking awesome. Truly.

Between this blog and tPB, I have finally found others, like myself, for whom hockey is a religion (Can we get a "Praise Curry"? WOOOOO!).

Honestly, most of my friends just DO NOT UNDERSTAND the beauty, grace and ferocity that is NHL hockey. They think me somewhat odd for my devotion. Obviously, I need to find some new friends, but until then you help me feel less alone. So THANKS!!!

Have a great summer and please don't die somewhere along the way during your roadtrip.

If you find yourselves in Nashville and need an extra Pens fan to help claim the Predators arena, give me a call. I can't offer accomodations, but am willing and ready to stake the Penguins claim to the Sommet Center (or show you some of the non-hockey related sites).

Sorry for the long post. See you in the pre-season if not before.

Simona said...

I just love this blog and commenting and everyone who comments and the Pens and all the goodness involved. This summer will be sweeter than last, but I can't wait until September.

eyebleaf said...

RE: WAC - despite being a Leafs fan? Fuck off.

The Pens are just keeping the Cup warm for the Leafs.

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