Friday, June 19, 2009

like it matters

Last night's NHL awards were a return to form for the League, for the most part.
During the playoffs, anything can happen. Heroes emerge from the most unlikely places to make big shit happen. The regular season is most certainly a big deal, but only in that it's how you get to the Stanley Cup Playoffs--the reason that the game is even played. To do well and be consistent in the regular season is a great honor. But when you can cut it in the NHL playoffs, you're on an entirely different level. Those you left behind will say that yes, they did their damnedest to reach the prize. For example, Mike Green had 31 regular season goals and came second in voting for the Norris Trophy. Good for you, Mike. You and your faux hawk and your tuxedo--you did good. Congratulations on a great season.

But hey, what's this?
nvm Stanley Cup over here

Hey, Ovie's on the cover of NHL 2K10!

Oh Alex and your Hart Trophy! Get a room, sillies! *winkwinknudgenudge*
Kids! Would you look at that? It's young love.

But you want to know the best thing?
Max Talbot can show up to the red carpet with Malks and he isn't even nominated for anything and probably never will be.
Except, you know.
He won that thing.
And, hey, boy be lookin' FLYYYYYYY.
How did we get so pimp?
Dan Bylsma did get 2 votes for the Jack Adams. Whether we like it or not.

What we're trying to say is, the best candidate at the end of the regular season won each and every one of these awards and we are not upset about Ovechkin or, hell, Jarome Iginla.

It was just a great night for everyone.

The emotion in Tim Thomas' speech after winning the Vezina is what the NHL Awards are all about. Watch it. Dare you not to mist up and want to hug the guy.

It was a special turnout for Boston especially. Zdeno Chara rightfully receiving the Norris. Claude Julien with the Jack Adams.

Steve Mason won the Calder and to have been nominated for the Vezina as a rookie was an accomplishment in and of itself.
We've never been happier to say that we were on-hand to see the Penguins lose on the road, because it was a SO loss to Steve motherfucking Mason and he's going to be a force for years to come.
And how about this girl he's dating? Her name is Amberleigh and she's pretty smokin'.
When we first saw Stevey shut down the Sharks in December, the idea of him sitting at the NHL Awards with a hot blonde waiting to take home the Calder Trophy wasn't quite in our minds.
But we're so proud of him.
We hope that girl has life insurance.

All in all, we're proud of everyone who was able to take home some hardware last night.
Malks got his Art Ross.
And, hey, guess what, still pimp.

And the Pittsburgh Penguins still won the Cup.
We might never, ever get over it.
It happens.

Tomorrow we will be doing various housecleaning.
Tune in for our summer plans, because we know you just want to know wtf we're doing with our lives and the blog in this deep, dark hockeyless period.
It's going to be a fun summer, though.
Don't sweat it.
We love each and every one of you.



Rebecca said...

Seriously I did mist up when Timmy Thomas gave his speech...loved the emotion.

And I totally agree...can't be upset with any of the awards.

Lizzie said...

I think, when you're done with the rotating banners, you should put them all up on a page in the "best of." Each one has made my day.

AmyB said...

How does Ovie still look like the biggest clown in that NHL 2K10 picture?

Hand of Godard said...

Tim Thomas was the star of the show. Best line of the night:
"Want me to thank your wife, Manny?"

His Vezina speech was easily the best.

Aside from that, the show was so boring I turned it off before the Hart presentation.

Susan said...

Ovenchicken can kiss his trophys all he wants, our guys got to kiss the only trophy that really matters, The Stanley Cup. I'd bet Ovenchicken would give his left nut to win the cup!

Tim Thomas is a great big teddy bear!

Annie S said...

This has not much to do with anything, but I was in the process of switching all my files (including the 1000's of hockey pictures I've saved) from my old laptop to my new one, and found myself going through the photos I'd taken at the Baby Pens/Hartford Wolf Pack game I went to in January. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had gotten tickets directly behind the Baby Pens' fucking bench, so ended up with some awesome photos. I had no idea who Coach Dan was at the time, but looking back, it turns out I got a few great pictures of him doing what he does best, right up close. So I thought I'd share:






and one of Our Heavenly Curry

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

Thanks for sharing Annie!

Sarah said...

I never knew Talbot was a midget...

debrisslide said...

Hey, he's 5'11" on a good day. . .short for hockey, but I don't think he minds now.

Simona said...

Ovechkin can kiss those trophies all he likes but he's not fooling anyone. We know he'd trade all of them for for that big silver one sleeping in Sid's bed these days.

Hand of Godard said...

According to FHCMT Talbot is 5'8"

Scott said...

Steven's woman isn't that hot. She's an 8 tops. He isn't quite playing on pro level. Give him time.

debrisslide said...

Stevey's woman is a lot cuter than that tranny Malkin took to the awards show, and he won the Conn Smythe and the Art Ross. Zing.

Scott said...

Lol you're awesome

Made me a little sad for Malkin though:(. He def looks like his mother

mer said...

That pic of Danny B and Geno and Max? It makes me realize why I love Max: he plays like he's sxi-foot-effing-four, only he's like 5'11". GODDAMN HE LOOKS SMALL next to Geno and Bylsma. 5'8" maybe... that's about how tall I look next to a guy who's got 7 inchs on me...

And Mase's gf is actually way cuter without the eyeliner. Of if she's smiling.

rockhopper said...

We love you too, Kim and Zoe.

Keep the rotating banners coming--they give me something hockey related to look forward to during these dark days of withdrawal.

And, as I believe this is Colby's big day--Best wishes to him and his bride!

AmyB said...

WE TOATED TO OLVY tONGHTI. EJH is os amaainfg gettmniog married and stuff. G OCLUVYH. COME BAKC TO PGH!!!! WE weant jack johnson as wel plz. <<<<< PETEY 333333



JSt11 said...

Translation for AmyB:

We toasted to Colby tonight. He is amazing getting married and stuff. GO COLBY!!!! Come back to PGH. We want Jack Johnson as well please.

Amy still wants Ryan Malone to come back home. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Still celebrating.

JSt11 said...

Me and AmyB own Staal's talksports board.

AmyB said...


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