Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's a glorious affliction

You may not know this about us, but during the hockey season we tend not to sleep.
It's like being on speed. Somehow, we watched each and every game the Penguins played this year, blogged, went to class (most of the time), did our homework, and did more or less what was expected of us in life. Eating thrown in there somewhere. As you can see, there is very little time left to spend in bed.
When summer arrived, we were absolutely positive that we would start catching up on sleep.
Well. We sort of did. For a few days.
Then we realized:
Free agency.
Don't go to sleep. Don't go to work without your cell phone handy.
You might miss something. Something big.

Yesterday, all news was good news. One more year of grab-ass with Grandpa Guerin. Two more years of Craigsy. We're pleased.

If you want to read a thorough, analytical post about the Penguins' free agents and people who might be available to them in the FA pool this year if it comes to looking for outside help, you should check out this goodness over at tPB. Our analytical sides only go so far. Eventually we start wondering if the man in question enjoys waffles. Locking up solid 20-goal scorers is just a given. We expect great things of Ray Shero. The man is pretty much a goddamned beast. Our minds thusly turn to domestic bliss.

Today is the last day before free agency begins, so if anyone wants to get anything done before they run into the open sea, now is that time.


Zigomanis will not return. We wish him the absolute best of luck. Great guy, hardworking player, and he's getting his name on our Cup if the NHL agrees. But he'll always be on it in our hearts. Our Friend Kevin wants him to be a Flyer. Not so sure about that, but there are a lot of teams who could use his services and if Ziggy ends up someplace where he's happy we'll be happy.

Bobby Scuds and Brooksie invited to Team USA minicamp. The phrases "Olympic defenseman Rob Scuderi" and "Brooks Orpik, Team USA's defensive monster in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics" are already ringing in our heads and we like the sound of them. No guarantees, certainly, but how badass would it be? Ryan Whitney will be there too. Penguins partaaaaaay.

Keep checking back here for updates.


FDeuce said...

shittttttttt, dude. ziggy not coming back makes me hurt on the inside. i was so sad to see him on the IR most of the season, and now that he might not be back... who is going to win clutch faceoffs for us? if we over hal gill anything over $1 mill i might shoot myself. anyone think shero has anything crazy up his sleeve?

Basher said...

The scariest thing with Ziggy is the possibility of him as a cap or flyer.

As for anything crazy up shero's sleeve, i doubt it. We just won the cup, we don't need anything crazy. What we have seems to work.

Allison's Mouth Full of Tang said...

Not only does the phone come to work tomorrow, but so does the phone charger. All the internet refreshing, and the text messages saying things like "bcjufjkdxcfjyhurh. DID YOU SEE...gfdjhfdfbcf" really kill the phone battery.

Awesome news about Orpik, Scuderi, and Whitney!

Candy Man Fan said...

I'm so pumped for Team USA after seeing all the Pens/ex Pens that were invited to camp. tear it up, boys

1wingangel said...

Something deep inside of me hurts at the news that Zigomaniac is leaving us. I met him after a practice just before he disappeared with his injury, and he is just the nicest guy. Very talkative, with the biggest smile. I wish he could have had a better opportunity to enjoy playing in Pittsburgh, but I guess that's just life and luck.

Candy Man Fan said...

@1wingangel - at the parade I got a hug from Ziggy and I was going to become his biggest fan next season haha. so I feel your pain :\

JSt11 said...

I'll miss Ziggy. I wish he was a Pen longer. The only thing crazy from Shero I'm hoping for is some sort of divine miracle in which he can fit everyone under the cap.

Ashley said...

Teams USA, Canada, and Russia will be beastly, although the thought of Ovechkin and Malkin on the same line still pisses me off a tad. . .

On the other note, I'll be sad to see Zig leave. Thanks for the mems and best of luck elsewhere!

AmyB said...

LOL @ the Habs. The just took Gomez and his disgusting contract from NYR LOLOLOL. I bet TheRangersFan is loving this. Tomorrow is going to be tons of fun.

TheRangersFan said...

haha yes I am loving this! I will miss Gomez's interviews but I think I will be able to cope.

I can only pray that Sather's other moves will be this good.

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