Friday, June 26, 2009

happy draft day

We'll be in Columbus partying with Steve Mason, duh.
Enjoy your Fridays, everyone.


JSt11 said...

Slowest day at work EVAR. Can't wait to get home. Not-so-draft beer and hockey draft tonight.

Me and AmyB went to the Pirates game last night and saw a Fedorov Caps shirtsey. WUT? We jobbed him. Even Cleveland fans thought it was funny.

AmyB said...

So fucking jealous. I totally wanted to go to the CBJ draft thing. Please take pictures with Steve Mason and share. Plz?

AmyB said...

Looks like the first 2009 Cup journal will be up on Tuesday. WOOOO

Hand of Godard said...

Your new banners always brighten my day.

I hope you're taking cupcakes with you for Steve.

AmyB said...


The Penguins won the Stanley Cup guys. Serisoulty. Hahahaa.a.a.aa.a

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