Friday, April 24, 2009

link dump and hope.

Excuse me sir, but who decides to failboat and get shut out with the chance to put it away in game five?


Sorry, Henrik. We'll be your friend for one more game, but then it's over. Liking you for seven games is a little bit too much for us to handle so just try to get it done. One last game. Make it count.

Of course you all know it's KTang's birthday. We wish him the best and hope that he is having a magnificent time. We were lucky enough to find some Kporn today. Seriously, we think they harvested every photo ever taken of Kris Letang. You might want to be careful, you could hurt yourself over there. Also, some fabulous blingees have been made in honor of Kris's birthday in the comments of the last post. We encourage more. Actually, we demand them. Fine art should not go unnoticed.

Not much is happening in the world of hockey today, other than former WHL player Ladislav Scurko confessing to murder. Wraparoundcurl with that amazing tidbit.

SI did an amazing Separated at Birth feature that had us pretty impressed at times, and horrified at others. Fattie Nash got jobbed pretty hard, but we'd say Ovie is pretty spot on.
Geno, MAF and Sid are included in the pretty divine collection.

There are some new Penguins bloggers in town that double as chicks. We know what that's like. They also like CBJ, so we're kind of in love. Check out their blog.


3 PM games on NBC are bad jokes with punchlines that feel like fists to the jaw. But we must endure, because that's one of the things we have to deal with in order to follow our team.

You know how we feel about this game, and this series in general. We're rarely anything but optimistic about the Penguins and this is no different. You can say that we're naive or overly ambitious at times, but hey, who the fuck was telling you that the Pens were still making the playoffs back when we were vomiting all over the ice in January? On a game by game basis the Pens have let us down more than a few times this season, but in the big scheme of things, we still have no reason to doubt them. We thrive in desperation, just check your Comeback City charts.

Sometimes goaltenders stand on their heads. Just look at rat bastards like Cam Ward, who, for one reason or another, just seem to do backflips every time they play the Pens. Biron isn't that type of goalie. He had a good game, but all goalies get those once in awhile. He's nothing if not inconsistent, and he doesn't have a team in front of him that can beat us if he isn't on his A game. While MAF is a monster for several games in a row and then has to recharge for a game, goalies like Biron seem to have to save up for a show-stopper. Well, he spent it. Now it's time to do our thing.

Get it dirty if you have to, boys. Just make sure you get it.

Go Pens.


mer said...

bahahaha! kporn. love it love him. how can you not? I seriously just have way to much free time... (and yes, I think I probabyl have almost every photo of le swooon ever. people know I like him so they send me them :P)

25superstar said...

the Kporn and the SI link were just too much. you guys make my life worth living
Do it. WOOO!

Oatmeal Love Affair said...
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wrap around curl said...

The Kporn should be accompanied with Boones Farm and battery operated devices.

Oatmeal Love Affair said...

I know I celebrated *my* 22nd with a glitter-induced seizure.

Happy birthday

Allison said...


HOLY SHJT i have a redic case of hicups

its grooss

and like, that looks alike things jsut left me on the verge of pissing at the aprty im at.... i have my one hockey friend with me, and ong we';re in hysterics this parrty..
hahahhaah omg ktang
i hope he had a great bday


Allison said...

omg i logged in in one shot



Amy said...

ohj hia we love hockeyyy and french canadians. st3ege dangle is mu facebook freinds. he likes to eat poutine. GOP PITT. west va sucks omg.; VESA TOSKALA. i want to make the proteen hapen

Pens_Addict said...

Loved all the Kporn! lol
Psyched for today! It may be NBC, but I'll get to see it!
Oh, and I caved in and made a blingee... it was fun!
Go Pens!

Amy said...

OMG. Kporn might be the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. Really. I'm going to get nothing done today because I'll be looking at KPorn all day long. Happy Birthday LeHair..

1wingangel said...

Kporn. Love the PH vocabulary.

Flyers scouts just never fail to find golden future hockey players.

Jess said...

Amy, what did I tell you about staying away from the internet when you're drunk?

Happy Birthday KTang, thank you for giving me an excuse to drink heavily on top of the shitty Pirates loss. Really, what kind of pitcher walks 2 batters then gives up an extra base hit? I'm only getting over my hangover now. Pitt fucking rocks when no one is worried about studying.

One more period to go guys, make it happen.

Oatmeal Love Affair said...

ESPN = Fail

nightsky73144 said...

...well, they are both French Canadians...


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