Thursday, April 30, 2009

the eve of the apocalypse

One hockey game tonight.
Canucks vs. Blackhawks, Game 1 in Vancouver.
Canucks were up 3-0 at the end of the second.
Hawks made it interesting to tie it in the third. Less than five left, and Khabibulin suddenly has a 4-on-1 break in front of him. Goal. 5-3 with the empty net.
Who ought to win this will be a matter of confusion for many people.
But, hey, we both love Luongo. (Kim more so than me; I'm on Nabokov duty and, let's be honest here: he needs me.)
Congrats Louie on the W. Hawks came at ya hard.
This is looking to be a very crazy little series.

We don't want to get ourselves psyched out too far in advance for Saturday.
The League does not agree.
We have circled in neon green various parts of at a maximum Crosby/Ovechkin/Capitals/Penguins exposure level. It is the NHL's wet dream and has been for a long time coming.

But, hey, you know who we think the best player in this series is.
And if you ask us, he's about due for a big night.
The hockey media has said in various forms since this matchup was determined that Ovechkin is the player who has the power to win this series by himself.
We have to respectfully disagree.
Malkin doesn't just take over games or series or shifts.
He doesn't just score big goals. He doesn't just change the momentum.
He is the damned momentum. And he's definitely not done.

(thanks to Travis for reminding us of the vid)

Not to make light of our Captain.
The man lights up the scoreboard at Verizon Center like it's his job.
26 points in 15 career games against Washington.
The playoffs are a completely different world. Meeting Ovechkin's Capitals in the postseason will be something special to behold. But Crosby knows how to take over that building. He didn't lose in it until this season, and we wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't fucking like that very much.

Which brings us to our last salient item for the day, folks. Crosby had an off-day video today, just like every day. Because Crosby talks to the media every day. Because it is expected of him. And most of the time. . .he bullshits them.

He is like, kind of being himself and answering questions naturally.
Especially at around 0:26 when he takes it upon himself to laugh at Mr. Reporter's dumbass question.
Why isn't he like this more often?
Deep down, we want to think that Coachy told him to just be himself more often. Whoever loosened him up did a good job, at any rate.

Malkin had a video today too, which is rarer than Jose Theodore stealing a game. We'll see how Varlamov plays into that analogy this weekend.
And our good friend JStaal is fucking intense. He is asked an unreal Staal brothers question that is worth at least five shots.

Tomorrow is the Blingee expo.
We're warning you now.
Someone commented and said that Blingees make the site load slowly on their phone.
Our first thought was: dude, you love us so bad you read us on your phone? That's sweet. We love you too.
Our second thought was that if you don't want your Internet or phone to break due to sheer glitter power tomorrow, you probably should not visit the site.

Keep sending the Blingees to
We're going to say the arbitrary deadline is NOON MAY 1ST.
The last minute ones may be the sweetest.



Annie S said...

Woooo! I finally got some done and sent in. I can't wait to see them all. I got an idea for the Pens sign PSR t-shirt contest too, finally,

Oh My Geno, I fucking love that video. I've been reliving in my head the 2/4 Tampa game when he saved the motherland. I'm sad I can't even watch Game 1 since I have to go to a funeral. >:(

And not that I'm complaining about seeing Scuds' beautiful visage, but his post-Game 3 interview is what I'm getting instead of Sid's one from today. Weird.

Amy said...

Sid totally pwnd Mr. Reporter. Amazing. Geno's beard is coming along wonderfully. JStaal and Godzilla Boy would be amazing in the conference finals. Not amazing for my liver though. Blingee expo is the only thing keeping me going until Saturday. Bring it on.

Kimberly~TheRangersFan said...

yo drunksness... i sont know who won chicago? maybe nots.... ummm 372983 blingee open on my computer

Jess S said...

So tomorrow the apocalypse because of the Blingee expo or the game on NBC?

Sid really does accept this whole attention thing really well. So what if he doesn't show off his private life and begs for a girl to date him on tv? He's a hockey player. Not a member of a fucking boy band.

Sid pretty much said, what the hell is wrong with you, were you born yesterday? You made me sit down here and waste time that could have been spent banging some bitches to answer obvious questions about the "rivarly?"

jovi said...

someone mentioned have a drinking game for this series. well i have on for the interviews...

everytime sid says "playoffs" take a shot.

everytime sid says "forsheer" (or however this is spelled) take 2 shots.

Repeat watching vids as needed.

jovi said...

for the game:

everytime someone metions Ovie's defensive skills - SHOT

sighting of Green's foahawk - 3 SHOTS

someone mis-prounoucing the goalies name - SHOT

eveytime OVie runs Malkin - 2 SHOTs and an FU to the screen

alright enough, have to study

x-materialize-x said...

Oh my, you posted my Geno video.

x-materialize-x said...

Oh, and I have to add this one:

Every time Sid says "Ya know" in an interview, take a shot. You'll be tanked by the end of it.

25superstar said...

i about died laughing when i clicked on the image and its file name was shutupbitches2

holy shit, how epic.

bring it, blingees!

Raybin said...

I will fight you for Nabby.

Toad268 said...

We need to get this out! Everyone needs one for the Pens Game!



jon7alt88 said...

Haha of course I read you guys on my phone, just not tomorrow.

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