Tuesday, March 31, 2009


First of all.
Wrong shutout, douchebags.
Way to make Daddy Brodeur sad.
Our trust of New Jersey as a team has gone out the window.
3-0 Rangers

Also, you need to know this now.
Pensblog has hit playoff form in this
of Puck Daddy and the band that apparently wrote and cares about a "Crosby sucks" anthem.
There are many reasons we don't jump on these kinds of stories. Mainly, it's the fact that we stay away from Puck Daddy like the plague unless they're generating quality content. Typically, that comes from the Russian dude who interviews the Russian players and occasionally Wysh hooking the world up with sick drinking games *coughcough*.
Um, but, more or less, the way Puck Daddy is obsessed with Sidney Crosby is reaching an entirely disconcerting level.
We love Sid, he's our captain, we respect him, we understand why others aren't fans of him, etc. etc. etc.

What we find interesting, from a completely unbiased perspective, is that hating Crosby has become so popular that it may soon go out of style.
Time for Sid to start letting everyone know what he's really like. Like, "Losing sucks and losing is not what I'm about. I will exact my revenge swiftly." And, "Anyone wanna go to a grindcore concert later?" and "Could you pass the salt? Thanks."

Seriously, that boy takes way too much shit from everyone.
And when a guy who calls himself Lord Jupiter thinks he's got a soapbox on the issue, you really have to wonder, if you haven't already, what is going wrong in America these days.



Annie S said...


Oh god halp.

Someone needs to makeo ut with me right now.

debrisslide said...

Annie are you quoting me drunk or are we just the same person when drunk?

Annie S said...

I think we're the same person

i havn'et drunk in a while. just making up for lost time.

i'l want to die to morrow, I know.

jamestobrien said...

Maybe it's because my last name is O'Brien, but drunken incorrect apostrophe usage always gives me a giggle. Call me old fashioned. Wait, what?

I originally came in here to express my rofl at "grindcore." I bet Crosby listens to grindcore while doing 20 more Herbies than everyone else and yells at them "to FUCKIN' SKATE, pussies!" That's my only "negative" thing about SC: I get the feeling he's one of those guys who yells at you when you're not really running that hard. I HATED those guys.

Jesus, I'm not even drunk right now.

Gonchik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
25superstar said...

"i will exact my revenge swiftly."

Do it.

Annie S said...

Ugh, sorry guys. How embarrassing. I probably shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

debrisslide said...

Annie, it's cool. We ran an entire liveblog when we were bombed and I asked the world to make out with me in the comments. It's something that's allowed here. I feel ya.

Annie S said...

I end up doing that pretty much every time I get bombed. Either that or suggest an orgy, both of which I need to seriously stop doing before someone takes me up on it.

rach the h said...

Drunk blogging is the most enjoyable kind. Never apologize for it!

Allison said...

Yes, NEVER apologize for drunk blogging...it makes my life... Its unfortunate how long its been since I drunk blogged, so I loved reading your blogging annie!

rach the h said...

Allison, I miss your drunk blogging.

Allison said...

Omg, its been so long, I didn't think anyone remembered my drunk blogging.

crmzak said...

I miss it as well. Just this past weekend I was IMing someone on FB while drunk and at one point I re-read what I had just typed and mistakenly said out loud, "oh shit, I'm starting to sound like Allison. I think it's time to sign off."

It almost got me in trouble cuz my husband asked, "Wait - who the hell is Allison?"

I was pretty sauced that night, yet ended up with no hangover whatsoever. Soo, um, thank you? :)

Candy Man Fan said...

drunk blogging is so entertaining, I encourage everyone to do so as much as possible. I may partake this weekend, hopefully to the amusement of you all. Annie's comments reminded me of what I would've been like on St. Patty's Day had I gotten to the arena early enough to yell at the guys as they walked in. it's probably a blessing in disguise that I wasn't there in time...

Allison said...

@crmzak... OHMYGOD

I'm dying laughing so hard.

At least you're the woman, imagine the trouble if it had gone the other way around?

Jesus, I had no idea my drunk blogging was so epic...

I may just use everyones comments as an excuse to get utterly 100% shitfaced this weekend. Perhaps I'll crack that bottle of Absinth I smuggled in from Italy.

PS...crmzak, are we Facebook friends?

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