Thursday, February 26, 2009

yea yea yea.

If you were going to trade Whits, you could have done it when I wasn't sleeping. I mean, we all knew it was coming, Pens organization. You could have waited until at least six or something. I have a schedule to maintain.

Here's an audio interview of Whits from the Anaheim website.

Chris Kunitz

6 feet tall, 194 lbs. 29 years old.
Not as charitable as we would like him to be.
He averages around 20 goals and 50 points per season.
Currently at 16 goals, 35 points.

Okay. We'll accept him.
But he better step it up.

Eric Tangradi

6'4", 221 lbs, 20 years old.
Plays for the Belleville Bulls of the OHL where he is reportedly tearing shit up.
52 games played, 38 goals, 87 points.
But this isn't the OHL.

All in all this trade is...well, it's okay.
For it to really pan out, this prospect is going to need to really be something special and not just a fluke. Otherwise, we were too deep in D, needed wingers, and this was basically the type of deal we expected. Kunitz isn't the best scoring winger, but he is a scoring winger, and we're not in any position to not give it a try.

Read into this trade whatever you want. It might have an effect on future trades, it might not. We have theories, but they're groundless, so we can't really post them here like we know what's what when it's all speculation.

Despite the fact that Whits was the cause of every goal against the Pens this season, caused global warming, the Cold War, and the Bay of Pigs, we'll still miss him. He was a total asshole, but he was ours. We'll always like him, because a player doesn't hang out on your team for that long without you developing some sort of attachment to him.

It's hockey, it's fast paced, and sometimes it hurts. Just because a player leaves doesn't mean you have to automatically hate them. That's just a sign that you never cared to begin with. Douches. We wish Whits the best.

Zoe will be doing our feature later.
I'll be sleeping.
Later, bitches.


The Goon Blogger said...

Tangradi is only like two points behind Tavares, who EVERYONE says is going to be the number one pick in the draft this year.

6'4" 220, pest, fights, wrecking machine?

tGB approves.

Hept-Rossi said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Looks like Ray Shero got my ten thousand letters requesting we trade Whitney for anything of marginal value, like a case of beer. The fact that we got two hockey players is doubling exciting.

Kunitz might be able to produce with Crosby, but I'm not holding my breath. Tangradi was the point of this deal. A big kid who is developing into a power forward and has shown drastic improvement each year. We won't see him for a couple of years which would be smart so he can continue to develop (see: Jordan Staal) put once the arena is up it might be time to start coming up with creative 'Tang' signs.

Damn it, I wish I could log into my account from work and not just comment on other sites. I'm going to leave work, drink myself silly from excitement, then blog later tonight. Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming.

eyebleaf said...

I like.

I think Kunitz on the wing with Geno/Crosby will be beautiful.

christina said...

The most important part of this trade for me is that it makes the Pens tougher to play all accounts out of the West, Kunitz is a fucking beast who will take you to task if you fuck with a teammate. The scoring ability and nose for the net are gravy to me.

katepghfan said...

from all I've heard - this looks as if it is a decent deal

and, supposedly Tangredi is the key - who knows?

but, Whitney was one of something we had in surplus - and, I think that Tanger, and possibly Gogo (we'll see - he is still a work in progress) has/have more upside

I wish Whits luck - I really do - as frustrating as his play was this season, I still think that he is basically a good player and a good guy - I really think that the change of scenery is going to be a positive for him too

Candy Man Fan said...

I just got home from happy hour so please disregard my rambling but I am sad to see Ryan Whitney go. I know it needed to happen but it's liek a bad relationship I wasn't ready to end. when I saw this heart broke a little. I love you Ryan Whitney. you and your manly chest hair and big ears and crooked smile. good luck, I hope you find lots of hot California bitches to bang

TheNWChica said...

I am a Duck fan too, and I think this is a good trade. I have a good feeling about Chris being on a line with Bing or Geno, as he has spent the last year or two on the top Ducks line with Getzlaf and Corey Perry.

And I think Whit might learn some good stuff from Scottie and Pronger too... get back some confidence and not be such a douche on the blueline.

Nulpher said...

Lets see if Kunitz breaks the # 14 crappiness curse that Endicott and Beech (Preseason, prior to him fleeing to sweeden) put on it.

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