Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pens vs. Stars

For one season we had a little slice of the Stars here at home. We liked him. We still like him. Darryl will always have a special place in our hearts because he was there the first time our young team had their chance at glory. Doesn't mean we won't kick him in the teeth for these two points.

We probably shouldn't do that, though, seeing as the Stars have a fuckton of injuries as is. Their IR list is longer than a Kostitsyn's rap sheet, and it includes some of their better players. At this moment they're riding a three game losing streak, but currently playing the Ducks. They could break it or lengthen it. We're not worried either way.

First game in March.
Let's do it.

Clare has two charts.
Comeback City and a Blackhawks point tracker.
There were points for everyone last night.

Loser Domi went to town on the MAF coloring page.
...after dropping acid?

We're actually, dare we say it, doing well.
If we keep this up for another couple weeks or so all of the Penguins fans that left in a huff before February saying they couldn't take it anymore are all going to be crawling back on their knees, begging to be taken back.
Attention all you fans that stay put through the shit: Take these losers back. The franchise needs their money just like it needs yours. Just...don't take them back without some shameless mockery.

Never losing again.
Let's go Pens.

EDIT: We participated in the "All-Decade Draft" over at Cycle Like the Sedins. Check it out!


FDeuce said...

stars have lost 4 so theyre gonna be fighting, but also tired because they played anaheim this afternoon. at least the game isnt starting at 1230 this week.

rach the h said...


Molly said...

amazing post about dream team.
it was EPICCCC.
sunday- DO IT

pensxfan said...

awesome post about the all-decade dream team. i loved it! John Curry = god forever.

25superstar said...

great post over at CLS. it was good for some grins and giggles. John Curry is a beast. i will see him play in ONE WEEK! WOOO!!! :]

eyebleaf said...

I have completely stolen "Never losing again," when conversing about my Maple Leafs. So, thank you.

Hand of Godard said...

CLS post was spectacular. But, seriously, Gonchar with the C over Lemieux? I hope there was alcohol involved in that decision. Barnaby will always be one of my all-time favorites, so including him makes up for slighting my lord and savior, Mario Lemieux.

debrisslide said...

Well, HoG, I thought about it and I decided that Mario was so obviously better than everyone else that giving him the captaincy would reek of obviousness. Like, he would go out there, effortlessly score four goals, and then just chill and do his pimp thing. Sergei, in his spare time, probably listens to a boxed set of J.S. Bach and contemplates the ends of the Earth. He would be a dramatic figure leading his troops into battle. Lemieux is just sick and doesn't need any validation for it. These are Shackleton-esque tactics, man.

Kimberlass said...

It's like having your general and then your champion fighter in Greek history. The champion fighter was always more amazing at what he did.

Mario needn't be concerned with the extra trouble of captaincy. He's too busy gettin' with bitches and listening for the battle call.

Plus I have a love affair with D captains.

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