Sunday, February 15, 2009


Bylsma reacts
[thanks Travis for being on top of things]

If you came here before you went to the Penguins website, brace yourselves.

Dan Bylsma has been named interim head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, replacing Michel Therrien, it was announced tonight by Executive Vice President and General Manager Ray Shero.


We don't have opinions formed at this moment in time. We're still in fucking shock. Un. Fucking. Real. We'll issue a public statement later.

“We also would like to thank Michel Therrien for his significant contributions to the Penguins organization.”

Man...what a kiss off.

All here.

Dan Bylsma has been a fucking beast for the Baby Pens.
WBS nabbed its eighth straight victory in Worcester tonight.
Frankly, I don't think anyone honestly expected a huge move like this as a last-ditch effort to save the Penguins' season. The coaching staff came under fire a lot, but I guess the real source of the Pens' struggles this season has always been a mystery.
If the management thinks it's Therrien, we have no choice but to trust them.
Some things that Petr Fever said back in his Czech interview, for example, made us fucking wonder.

There are lots of videos of Bylsma discussing his team with the media.
I think we officially like him.
Regarding their win last night
You can see more of him via links here

We can only hope that this doesn't bode negatively for the WBS boys, who could make another serious run for their league championship.

But this is the NHL.

Therrien would want you to all remember that you have to stay tough.

You don't lightly forget the guy that was able to help turn the team around and coach them to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sometimes you outgrow people you love, though.
If you've ever been through a nasty breakup, you know what I mean.

What do you think the mood is, here?

Well, now that the initial shock has passed. . .

We hate to say it, but. . .


Teams don't normally fare well playing their first game under a new head coach in the middle of a season.
We hate to be homers and say this, but playing the Islanders first thing should soften the blow.
Tomorrow is going to be a stunner either way.


Puck Daddy calls Shero out for mismanaging his team in the offseason
Never disagreed with Wyshynski more.
There was a lot of shit going down in the Pens offseason, and if you closely followed the whole line of events, it's pretty obvious that Shero did his best with what knowledge and resources he had.
I mean, he's no Ken Holland or anything. But the Red Wings are like a mafia. They want your respect and your soul.
If locking up the best young core in the entire NHL for multi-year deals is offseason mismanagement, we're stunned.
Some things didn't go quite right.
And sometimes you have to work with what you have.
Ray Shero has quietly built himself a small army, and he's not going to do anything crazy right now to threaten the stability of that army.
We need munitions.
We need artillery.
We think he can get these things for us and we're not going to be impatient whiners about it.
Conversely, Detroit fans have been whining all season just because their team isn't winning the President's Trophy.
We are rational people, but we also have a little faith.
Busting Shero's balls about our current roster does not account for what has happened this season. There are other factors at work, and if you don't know what those are you just simply haven't been following the Penguins this season.
Which makes us LOL.

Go Pens.


jovi said...

WOW, WOW, WOW. u knew it was an option, but i didn't think it wouls actually happen.

what do u know about this new guy?

KD said...

Stunned city. Vesa had to go re-virginize himself and close his legs. Ray was shamed and someone had to pay.

Hand of Godard said...


Pearls_of_Shit said...

I want to cry.
This is very disappoint. Its a pathetic performance.

1wingangel said...

For all the talk about firing Therrien, I never thought it would happen.

Now that it has, I'm totally shocked.

25superstar said...

i got the text and i burst out with a "WHAT THE FUCK!?"
i didn't think that was gonna happen...wowwowwowwow! ohhhh no!!!

1wingangel said...

...The WB/S call-ups just keep on coming.

Pretty much my thought on this.

I think I can be excited too, because while everyone else around the Pens blogosphere is trying to figure out how to pronounce Bylsma, the PH ladies tell us what really matters about the move.

The Goon Blogger said...


jovi said...

Assistants Mike Yeo and Gilles Meloche will keep their positions.

WHY WHY WHY --- Fire Yeo!

1wingangel said...


On the ball, PH. <3

1wingangel said...

Dyslexia is going to kill me every time I try to spell his nmae.

25superstar said...

you guys are so quick. you're my heroes. exciting shit.

rach the h said...

If I was a Baby Pen, I'd be fucking pissed.

But I'm not, which means that I'm really fucking excited. The Islanders won't know what hit 'em.

(Besides, the Baby Pens have Curry. They are blessed.)

katepghfan said...

What can I say? I feel bad for Therrien - but, as the saying goes, you can't fire the whole team.

Just listened to Pompeani on nightly sports call - fucking idiot - as he threw everyone from Shero to Sid under the bus. I should know better than to listen to most of the general sports guys - they are too busy getting hard-ons for anything and anyone associated w the Steelers to know much of anything about the Pens. Except Savran - I like and respect him.

Good luck to Bylsma!
Let's Go, Pens!!

Hept-Rossi said...

Therrien deserved better than this. Shero has no back bone. Hossa will get his Cup this year, Therrien will get his before the Pens do. You heard it here first.

The Goon Blogger said...

Woooo, my name in a PH post again. It's like winning some sorta sweet prize. It fills me with joy.

wrap around curl said...

Stay strong!Fuh realz.

eyebleaf said...

It's about time.

The Pens are five points out of 8th. And seven points out of 5th. I'm not worried. The Pens are making the playoffs.

Rina said...

Wow I'm shocked! :O
But I do also have to agree, I am excited. Maybe this change will be like BAM and start some serious shit.

By the by, I emailed Kim with some Pens pictures from early this year you might like. Hopefully you got them...?

Jordan said...

Holy fucknuts!!!! I come home last night to a package containing the worlds greatest prizes ever, then i wake up to a text message saying HCMT is canned. I just peed a little.

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