Tuesday, January 27, 2009



We fucking love Columbus. You know that. So we're taking a moment to celebrate their 3-2 win in overtime against Detroit.

Rick Nash hattie. Beautiful.

We love the underdogs. This was our favorite CBJ game all season, save that OT win against the Sharks we got to watch. We really want to see them and their fans (who we also love) get to see the playoffs this year. Oh, and Stevey Mason was -as always- a man. He looks like he might be stuck playing WOW in his parents basement if he hadn't found hockey. Luckily he did. We love him.

In other hockey news, The Leafs got obliterated by Team Cal, 1-6.

This would hurt us more if Vesa were in the net, but as is it still doesn't please us. We actually have some sort of weird, abusive relationship with the Leafs.

Cal was on fire.
A goal, 4 shots and 5 hits.
He also tried to fight Luke Schenn. This raised more questions than answers.

Who did we want to win?
Do we ever want Cal to lose?
Why are we even Leafs fans?
Can we really even watch this game?
OMG IS THAT VESA IN A WHITE BEANIE ON THE BENCH OMG[wraparoundcurl for the win.]


By this point in the day you've all seen this Petr Sykora interview.

We hate to say this...REALLY hate to say this...but if Petr is off the Therrien train, so are we. We leave some wiggle room for translation errors but this all just didn't sound too good.

We know everything is cool when you are winning and no one bitches about a coach's system and OMG JUST BECAUSE WE ARE LOSING YOU CAN'T BLAME THE COACH. We know. We've been on Therrien's side for a very long time. We still aren't completely off of his side. We're just saying that from the comments of some players (particularly Sykora and Taffe) we think it's time Therrien stop his immediate reward/punishment system and give the players some stability and time to work shit out.

On a lighter note, we think it's fucking adorable that Sykie calls Malkin Zhenya.

You know Mattie Cooke is out. You know it's bullshit.
But we can still smile about the fact that we can watch our real team tomorrow.
Not our favorite specific conference team.
Not our favorite underdog team.
Not our favorite team with a player with a ridiculous name.
No more of this bullshit.

Our favorite team.


The Goon Blogger said...

I still want Rick Nash to be on the Pens, and then some dude named Stills to start playing in the NHL...for the Pens.

I think you know what I'm getting at.

Kimberlass said...

That took me like a full minute of staring at the screen, and then I finally got it and died.


25superstar said...

steve mason and rick nash were awesome. that was a freaking amazing game. Woo!

wrap around curl said...

I want to mail the Vesa like a bunch of packs of gum. It'd be like Juno and the Tic Tacs.

Allison said...

@the goon blogger-

i once had a dream that i awoke one morning to find that Rick Nash had in fact come to the pens (a real life fantasy of mine) and that the pens had traded to cory stillman

true story

my dreams are whacked, but that would be pretty sick

Allison said...

to before cory stillman should be for

Allison said...

so, I don't know how long its been there, but you ladies FINALLY got a link on thepensblog up at the top


it's much deserved

Kat said...

I hadn't seen that Sykie interview yet. Thanks for the linkage. Good lord, I love how complementary he is of Geno. Precious.

Allison said...

shouldnt that "quote" under the Therrien radar say "to my left?" instead of right?

either way i was 1oo% n the keep Therrien wagon, till I read that Sykie interview, and it has made me waiver slightly. as in i would no longer completly freak the fuck out if he was fired.

debrisslide said...

Allison, HCMT knows that he is being photographed. He doesn't want to confuse his audience.

Raybin said...

I never thought I'd find any other Pens fans who share my love for the Blue Jackets and Cal Clutterbuck. I love this place.

debrisslide said...

raybin, if you ever develop an irrational attachment to Vesa Toskala, you'll have to let us know--it means the disease is contagious.

akus said...

I seen Toskala with that much wanted,got to have it, Leavers beanie.

So off i go in search of.....Ohhhh, yeess i found one..

As the picture is coming into focus, what do my eyes see?

A fucking PINK MapleLeaf.........PINK.

the search continues.

1wingangel said...

Looks like Lundqvist is playing the Staal Brothers Drinking Game tonight. I saw him trying to take a shot right when the second goal went in, otherwise that would not have happened.

1wingangel said...

Oh yeah


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