Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pens vs. Leafs

I really don't have much to tell you.
Last night was a heartbreaker.
A win tonight would help ease the pain.

Here are some things you probably know already:

- Goligoski is playing fourth line wing in place of Biz Nasty, which made me very angry at first, jumpin' on the "fire HCMT" bandwagon n'at, but then it kind of made sense. Goligoski has been sitting the past few games and the coach probably knows he's a quality player and wants him out there. We have a serious dearth of defensemen and a trade of one of them seems likely. When you're trading a guy who isn't a proven veteran (i.e. almost every man on the Pens' defensive squad) you have to show him off before you can trade him. A lot of Pens fans are calling for Whitney's head. We're not on this particular train--we love Whitney. But it's clearly a possibility and Gogo is a solid player who doesn't deserve to sit. If fourth line wing is the only way he can skate, maybe it's an okay idea to keep him in the team mentality and make sure he doesn't get cold, so to speak. We love the kid. Dearly. Hopefully he can see some power play time, too.

- Harold Priestley is in. Boucher out. Epic puck-clearing abilities ahoy.


- If Sykora doesn't skate more than 16-17 minutes, we will personally meet the Pens in Montreal and punch some people in the fucking face.

So, that's the news from the Pens front. On the Maple Leafs front?

These are two boys we hate to root against.
But for the time being, we're going to have to pretend that Vesa is Cam Ward and Luke is Chris Pronger. In other words, tonight we have to hate them.
Because we need these points and they have to go down.
Sorry, gentlemen. It's just business.

Go Pens.


wrap around curl said...

Oh I totally forgot to write this last night; I saw at the Chiefs game a kiddo, maybe about 7 in a Pens Gogo jersey. What an awesome tot.

25superstar said...

i have missed you, Gogo! thanks for coming back to me!

Noodles and Henrik said...

If I had to choose between Whitney going or Goligoski and this was strictly from a "Who Do I Love More" standpoint....I don't know who would go.

If Goose gets a point or a hit or anything tonight, you will hear me screaming from my friend's house in Johnstown. Just warning you.

Archimedes said...

Hey ladies,

One other thing on the Leafs front: It's Doug Gilmour night in Toronto. So, you know, they might come out playing hard in the first period or something. Probably not, but maybe.

Rage said...

Our beloved Debrisslide is a potty-mouth?!?! Tsk-tsk. We approve. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Missed yinz

eyebleaf said...

Sorry in advance for the loss we're going to hand you tonight.

Kimberlass said...

wraparound and I worked out some details that makes any loss acceptable. We'll give Schenn his goal if Vesa lets up one for Scudsy, and either way a goalie gets an empty netter.

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