Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pens vs. Tampa Bay

The good news is that I'm not recapping this game.
Which means we're going to win.

That photo is flawless.
Why was press coverage better in the preseason?
Whatevs, we love Ben Lovejoy.
Stamkos = Joke.

Everyone hates the Lightning. It's just a natural reflex to gag when you hear the name. People have various reasons. You hate Stamkos, you hate the way they play, you hate to think about Gonch being injured, you hate Malone, Artyukhin spells his name "Evgeny," you're jealous of them having Gary Roberts, there are a number of reasons to choose from.

Gary Roberts is probably the only reason we don't want a bomb to strike their arena next time they play the Flyers. Well, I won't talk about the Malone issues. Tempers flair when that is brought up. Anyway, now that Gary Roberts has announced his impending retirement, it's only a matter of time before Tampa Bay is totally worthless.

There's also a rumor that they are highly susceptible to certain illnesses.

Once again, we're not claiming a win yet. If we do win, it will be our first two game streak in over a month. You all know how I know that fact. It's been a painful run.

Last night we claimed we cared about 75% of the time. Really that's all we need to beat the Lightning, but we'd like to see it bumped up to a solid 80%. We can work our way up from there.

As was mentioned, we're going to be MIA.
A recap will still happen.
We love you guys like that.

Welcome home, Nikos.


The Goon Blogger said...

Petr Fever delivers huge shots even when his stick is broken. Fact.

Molly said...

and welcome back Ryans!
Ryan whitney(back from injury) and ryan malone(i love him, and he's coming to pittsburghhhh!!!)

my friends going to this game. i'm so jealous

rach the h said...

I am going to this game (in just a few minutes, actually), and am praying to God that it looks more like last night's win than the shit I had to sit through on Saturday.

Also, if they lose, my friend may never allow me to go to a game with her again.

(And I am shamefully excited to see Ryan Malone back in Pittsburgh...)

Allison said...

i am so dreadfully sorry.

Hand of Godard said...

That was the most depressing game I've been to in a long time. We just got shut out by the worst team in the entire league. I just can't fucking grasp that.

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