Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pens vs. Habs

We’re playing the Habs tonight. Oh god.

The Habs come with a lot of attitude that nobody likes and it ain’t coming from the players. Well, wait, yeah. It is. But mostly from the fans, who believe that they each had a personal hand in creating the sport of ice hockey and that they are thus just entitled to things.

While not entitled to many things in reality, they are in fact entitled to front row seats to the Pens winning. ON THEIR BENCH, WOOO!

Sorry, we’re getting cocky again. Winning two games in a row isn’t really our thing anymore, so we can’t do that. However, we think we can do it. We’re tied with them in the conference because of our terrible marijuana addiction, not because they are in any way skilled.

I like Kovalev, though. Suck it.
I still hope he loses.

We're going to be playing with a lot of our called up boys. The Alaskan storm is back.
Wallace-Jeffrey-Biz Nasty is a rumored line.
All AHL all the time. We're cool with that.
Projected Hal Gill return December 30th.
We miss his long stick.


Tyler Kennedy was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


Also, if you found us by googling Tyler Kennedy Shirts, we are not yet in the market of T-shirts. However, we appreciate your curiosity for and support of our president.

Enjoy the game.


Molly said...

haha thanks for the random, useless, hilarious information!

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