Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Puck Huffers

Yeah, I'm posting a ton, suck it.

Kim and I both got Penguins-related swag for Christmas. We hope you were as lucky. Please use the comments thread to tell us if you got any cool shit, Pens-related or not. We like to share in your joy.

Pensblog has a Bob Errey Soundboard that will make your life ten times more beautiful than it was yesterday. It is seriously the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire tenure on Planet Earth.

If you haven't seen the Penguins Happy Holidays video, you better get your ass over to their website and check it out. Your heart will melt verily. The tears will flow. Talbot's sweater is worth the price of admission, and Mark Eaton's adorable children make us want to trade him less.

Next game is Debbies. Make 'em sweat.

I know you miss Kim. She'll be posting tomorrow. I hope you have a pacemaker for that out-of-control heartbeat.

Above all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours, from us.
Thanks so much for reading, being our friends, etc.
Ain't nothin' like sports camaraderie.


Molly said...

so. i got a couple of pens things nothing too exciting, but i love them!!
I got a malkin t-shirt. just the plain black and gold one
and i got a blue fleury t-shirt, b/c the game i go to, they're wearing the 3rd jerseys.
i got 2 framed pictures of sid. one is just him on the ice looking oh-so-gorgeous. and the other is him after he won the shootout vs. buffalo in the winter classic. it's him like screaming with joy!
and i got 'sidney crosby: on the ice and beyond" !!! =]
and i got PENGUINS TICKETS!! to the game the day after my birthday. april 1st!! can't wait!!

Merry christmas again!

The Goon Blogger said...

Merry Christmas gals, this blog is a pretty sweet gift on its own, just sayin'.

Also, I scored a lil somethin' somethin' called a Valery Kharlamov Soviet National Team jersey.

All. Business.

We love PH.

agood_badhabit said...

sergei gonchar's face just made my christmas so much better. god i miss that man beyond belief.

talbot's sweater made me die. i didn't even read your reaction to it before i went and watched it, then i went back and read the whole entry and i wish i could have prepared myself. did his grandmother knit that for him?? ridiculous, i love it. fed's kids kinda scare me.

have a fantastic holiday, thanks for being the most amazing bloggers in cyber space. i appreciate it.

oh, and the bob errey soundboard? you kidding me? and i thought sykie's hatty was a good present... bob errey ftw!

wrap around curl said...

My mommykins got me an Avery Stars shirt. Which I love, his being kicked off the team be damned. Then I got some Leafs stuff, including the super awesome classic Leafs sweater in hoodie style. And I also got an amazing pen necklace like Joan from Mad Men.

Merry Christmas girlies.

Kimberlass said...

It has been a very Penguins Christmas for me. Starting with the boy, who got me an autographed Sykora jersey. What a man. My parents bought the two of us tickets to the next Pens v Caps game. They also got me a TK jersey and other assorted pens items, like a third jersey purse, pajamas, a book, some assorted little things, blahblahblah. My brother got me a Fleury shirt and a Pens shot glass, which will be employed in the Staal drinking game.

I got some non-pens cool crap too, mostly clothes and books, but you don't care about that. Except for Wall-E. You SHOULD care about that. Oh, and a Blue Jackets shirt.

wraparoundcurl, Don Cherry loves you and thanks you personally for your support in the Leafs cause. My friend keeps telling me to watch Mad Men. I suppose I will now that I know it involves pen necklaces.

debrisslide said...

I just got a Pens hoodie from my boyfriend's brother. No one got me a jersey. I think I'm going to buy myself a jersey for Christmas, goddamn it.

debrisslide said...

nvm, bought myself an Orpik shirt, everything is okay now. :D

Allison said...

Ahhhhhh... I got 8 new hockey books including king of russia which I am already halfway done with. The others ate the game by ken dryden and the final period about lemieux and some others too. And I got sidney crosby on the ice and beyond. And I got a gordie howe figure. And I GOT TICKETS TO THE MARCH 8 GAME IN WASHINGTON!!!!! Tooooooooo fucking excited. Merryyyyy christmassss!!!

Hand of Godard said...

Fuck, I'm jealous reading what everyone else got. I ended up without a single hockey related item. I did get lots of money, beer and a bottle of vodka. Plus, my parents didn't get me any Steelers shit, so that's a huge plus.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

rach the h said...

(@Allison (from like 5 posts ago)

I was able to convince my friend that due to the drug-induced nature of the game, I will thankfully be allowed to return to The Mellon later on this season. Thank God!)

Pens gear scored today: the blue Orpik shirt, a vintage-looking Crosby one, a poster, and the Crosby DVD, and I plan on buying the third jersey purse when I return to The 'Burgh.

Oh yeah, and tix to see the Pens in Nashville on the 8th. Mah b-day. WOOOOOOO.

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