Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm going to make this quick. Mostly 'cause I'm back in Boston and I'm homesick already. Kim would be doing this if she weren't stranded in an airport, FYI. I almost didn't get to do it because I was stranded on the Masspike. Fuck the world n'at.

1.) The Sabres are still Islanders-caliber hockey. Their win was kind of flukey--they were on home ice and we weren't playing like we should have. But it's okay, because, unlike the NFL, we play an actual SEASON of our beloved sport. Sabres aren't making the playoffs. You heard it here first.

2.) Speaking of the NFL, the New England Patriots are hacks. Steelers were in Pats country tonight to take New England to task. Even if you're not a Steelers fan you can appreciate a Boston sports team getting totally fucked by something from Pittsburgh. It makes your heart swell with pride. It makes your eyes water. If you, like me, were trapped in a bottleneck in the middle of Connecticut listening to this game, you had mental visions of Pittsburgh sports bars full of happy drunks enjoying our city's superb night. I fucking hate football, especially NFL football, but 33-10 isn't fooling around. Thanks, Pittsburgh. Boston will always be inferior to you. You know it's bad when your own radio play-by-play announcers call the game "revolting."

3.) Our team is fucking incredible. They're not lying when they say Pittsburgh has the best offensive one-two punch in hockey. And even if they are, we still have a solid team offensively and defensively, good for fifth in the league and what might as well be third in the conference, if the Crapitals didn't play in a made-up division. No one is safe. Bring it.

4.) Food, family, and Pittsburgh. We were home for Thanksgiving. It was epic. Thanks for asking.

5.) Rangers got shut out by Florida Panthers tonight. Bet that's still gonna burn a little on Wednesday. Let's get another point or two out of MSG and put it in our December piggy bank.

We can't wait to see if they'll start Lundqvist.
Look forward to various ADD-like off-day features before Wednesday.
Are we blogging up to your standards? Let us know.


Noodles and Henrik said...

No, you're not blogging up to our standards because we have impossibly high standards.

Actually, anyone who creates fan-girlish tributes to Cal Clutterbuck is better than our standards.

The Goon Blogger said...

I love how this post wasn't so much about the Pens, but about the city of Pittsburgh, a city I love with all my heart. A city I would take out to a nice dinner were it a fine lady.

Well played.

SteveThePirate said...

You run a fantastic blog, ladies.
Thanks for putting your hearts into it. Eat some leftover delicious cold turkey for me.
Go Pittsburgh.

Hand of Godard said...

This blog is #2 on my list of most often visited sites at work, right behind The Pensblog. You must be doing something right.

Allison said...

I second hand of godard.
this blog is the second place I check in the morning, right behind tPB.
Keep it up!

captain badger said...

Actually, I sometimes check this one BEFORE the Pensblog. :O except now they've blocked it so that I can't check either in school. I don't know what to do with my study halls now.

Rage said...

I will admit that yinz do this pretty well. Better than I initially expected. That said...remember a while back at tPB we all got kinda disgusted at the Oilers for shitting on a blogger? Check THIS shit out. Even worse and it's a decent fan blog too:

agood_badhabit said...

so incredibly above any standards. i look forward to this so much that sometimes i re-read it out loud to myself so i can get the full affect. i don't know how i 100% enjoyed hockey before this blog was born.

thanks, ladies.

Allison said...

@rage- that blog post you linked to- wow. I have no words for the crazyness of all this blogging shit.

Rage said...

I know, Allison, one would think that hockey teams would treat fans's not like we're baseball fans fer chrissakes

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