Tuesday, November 25, 2008

time to get serious

We've been planning this post for what feels like a year, and had the date set for Tuesday. We had big plans for Tuesday. By pure chance, however, something grave has happened in the world of the National Hockey League. I have more pertinent information here for those of you who have not yet heard.

Last night, the world was stunned. Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected.

Spread this message to your family, your friends. Pray to whichever higher power you pray to, if you pray at all. If you don't, perhaps you should, because prayer is what we need in times like these.

We'd been wanting to unleash this news for a week, and the events of last night made it seem almost fated. We are awestruck. We just cannot get over what has just happened.

Godspeed, ladies and gentlemen. Godspeed. In this new and terrifying world we've awakened to, not even your blue mouthguard can save you now.


Annie said...

HAHAHA! You gals are the best ever.

Noodles and Henrik said...

And here we thought that we were the only two girls who thought that his name was hysterical.

Did you ladies make those or were they found on some girl's livejournal?

Kimberlass said...

Those beauties were all Zoe. She did her best to make them look like some hideous creation made by some Cal fangirl. They are so ugly. I am so proud of her.

teri springer said...

Did you see the interview with James' Shepherd's dad and sister?? "Yeah, we drove here from Chester, Nova Scotia..."

Just needed to point that out.

teri, from Chester, Nova Scotia (james is a real sweetie and his younger brother should be in the NHL in a few years)

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